Paul’s Tech Talk – Introduction: ‘Turning a page of LSDJ History’

- Posted May 26th, 2017 by

Hello everyone! Paul here from the French Chip Duo Pain Perdu.

Some of you may know of our Youtube channel, where I’ve done a few tutorial videos about technical aspects of LSDJ that I thought were often misunderstood, overlooked or underused. In terms of ergonomy, raw music-making potential and how easily people can access parameters that grant extremely minute control over the sound, LSDJ is a fantastic program; in fact it stands out for me as the tracker that strikes the most perfect balance between complexity and accessibility. The fact that it is displayed in the Sweden Museum of Music and Performing Arts is well-deserved.



The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘Decent Company’ by Catthew O., AKA Bubblegum Octopus.

- Posted May 19th, 2017 by

Happy May, folks!

This month, I chose to shed some light on an album hosting home to 26 tracks called ‘Decent Company’, created by a New Jersey based artist, releasing under the moniker of ‘Catthew O.’. Also known as ‘Bubblegum Octopus‘, Catthew O. prepared a wonderfully eclectic final product containing music created specifically for Weekly Beats.

Weakly Beats, which was recently held in 2016, is an online site that previously allowed composers to upload original music once a week, every week, for the entirety of the year. While I did not personally participate in WB, I found it to be a great forum for creativity and I do hope it opens up again in the next year to come; it’s a fantastic place for musicians to congregate, and outcomes like ‘Decent Company’ are always fantastic to come by.

Artwork for ‘Decent Company’.


Advice from the Volume 6 Judging Panel

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Sup y’all? =) Brandon here taking a month off from interviewing folk to provide an interim article regarding ‘Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 6‘! For any of y’all living under a rock, this year’s annual Volume competition opened up a couple months back and has a submission deadline of July 2nd this year. To possibly assist, I’ve once again collected thoughts from the year’s judging panel to share with y’all in hopes that maybe they’ll come in handy. And hey, this year I actually did it far enough ahead of time to potentially be useful. Not bad, huh? ;)

For those curious, read on below the hella nifty judges’ profile pic collage!


Progression: Music Theory 101 – Scale Degrees and Intervals

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Hey dudes and dudettes,

Tuberz here with the beginning of a new series centered around the understanding and application of music theory. What is music theory you ask? Music theory is the underpinning of most western tonal music allowing us to analyse music we appreciate and enjoy. It is the understanding of relationships between notes, chords, rhythms, and sections of music. By understanding what’s going on with songs we enjoy, we can use these techniques and processes in our own music, much like what I wrote about in my article about music research. Funny how these things work right? Shall we get into it?

Let’s jam.

One day, you too can write spreadsheet music like a completely different form of sheet music