Turbo Super Post-MAG MAG-Post 2017 & Knuckles Gaiden Day One Edition

- Posted January 16th, 2017 by

By the time you read this, everyone should be home and happy, well rested, without the MAGFlu and otherwise readjusted to real life. While I’m WRITING it, however, I’m drowning in posts from people in transit back to the dark corners of the world they crawled from so that they can go heal themselves. While this year’s MAGFest might have been the biggest one so far, it also seems to have taken the most from us in terms of bodily health, but only because everyone was incapable of having any degree of chill. Everyone basically just kept going until they were physically unable to go anymore, and even then they just kinda propped their bodies up in chairs so they could at least look like they were still going like some kind of knock-off ‘Weekend at Bernie’s.’ It was amazing. But enough talk – let’s have at this highlight reel!


Aydan Appreciates: ‘GLITCH’ by LukHash

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Nearly a year and a half has passed since the release of ‘THE OTHER SIDE’, LukHash’s most recent musical excursion. Kuma reviewed this album quite favorably in a Quick Shots article shortly after its release, and while I hadn’t heard much about LukHash prior to this, I became a huge fan and eagerly awaited an announcement for his next album. A track titled ‘Round the World’ was posted on his Facebook page last April, and I immediately knew that LukHash had something in the works. So when I got a message from Brandon last month saying that I’d be able to review his latest release, ‘GLITCH’, to coincide with its unleashing, I was pumped. For those who don’t know who I’m talking about, LukHash is a stellar chipmusician who fuses chiptune with electro and modern EDM to produce astonishingly hard-hitting beats. But enough of my rambling…let’s get right to it!


Chris Considers: ‘Out Of Memory’ by Zalza

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Greetings, ChipWINners! It’s good to be back on the blog with a phenomenal new album to review. While others may ponder what future 2017 has in store, we chiptune fans have a particular proclivity to maintain a strong sense of reverence and respect for the past. There is no other recent release that exemplifies this ideal better than ‘Out Of Memory’ by Zalza.

‘Out Of Memory’ is a tribute to humanity’s achievements through the exponential growth of technology, focusing on the exciting period of time from the late 70’s to the early 90’s when the personal computer rapidly grew from a compelling oddity into an essential, multi-billion dollar industry. Throughout the album, Zalza makes use of vintage computer documentaries reporting on “something referred to as technology”, guided programming tutorials, and giddy new PC owners who “just installed the Internet on their computer”. It’s a thematic construct that is at times humorous, but always intensely inspirational. This theme is all the more authentic coming from an artist who tinkered and toiled his way through those halcyon days himself. Let’s take a closer look at just a few of the excellent tracks from ‘Out Of Memory’.



Gettin’ ChipFit – Understanding Nutrition

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Happy New Year ChipWINation! There are two things that are innate to the start of another recognized turn of our giant ball of mostly molten metal about the sun.  The first is New Year’s health resolutions, and the second is motherfucking MAGFest. Now, as a reader, you’re probably thinking those two things have almost nothing in common, and frankly, you’d pretty much be right. In fact, after my first trip to MAGFest last year, I’d go so far as to say they’re negatively correlated. See, the key component to getting and staying fit is good nutrition. I’ll get into defining that below the fold, but I’m sure we can all agree you’ll be hard pressed to find it at MAGFest.

That’s okay. Get yourselves to MAG, party your asses off, and then come back to this article. Seriously, its on the Internet now. Its not going anywhere.


Sam Sher’s Year In Review

- Posted December 30th, 2016 by


So that was a year huh.

A lot of good things happened. A lot of bad things happened. But most importantly, a lot of chiptune things happened! In this here article, I’ll be going over my highlights of this year both in terms of releases and shows!

So get ready to go down memory lane!

Me thinking about life & chiptune & junk.


Chip Bit Sid Takes on: 2016 – 3 songs that grew on me!

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2016 has been an truly eventful year, with both positive & negative things happening all around us. Chiptune has been a huge part of this year, especially for me. I have reviewed so much music that I was practically reviewing a new album every other week, so it’s obvious that I would have come across some chiptune music that didn’t quite hit me, but when taking another listen later on down the line, a few gems have blown me away. To sum up, here are 3 songs that have grown on me over the year 2016.