Kuma’s Quick Shots: Round 7

- Posted May 20th, 2015 by

Sup, ChipWINners, and welcome back to Quick Shots: the album review column where I break down the highs and lows of an album, then give you a numerical tl;dr to help you determine if something’s worth the bang for your buck. This time around, I have two very unique albums for you coming from opposite ends of the artistic spectrum. One is an experimental noise album that shifts between groovy, funky, and haunting.  The other is a highly polished concept album that aims to soothe, please and inspire as it constructs a vision of a progressive not-too-distant future. If both of those sound intriguing, hop on in and take a ride with the big bear, as we explore music from Corkscrew No. 4453556 and 01100001 S.T.A.R.D.U.S.T. Subsidiary.

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Hoodie Highlights… Pixelseed!

- Posted May 18th, 2015 by

Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie back with another Hoodie Highlights interview column! Today, I’m beginning a special series that I’ve been excited to get rolling along since MAG 13 wrapped up. Over the next few editions, I’ll be talking to a few key members of what has become the invaluable “support class” of live chipmusic shows: the visualists. Of course, I’m starting it off by talking to none other than the man himself, PixelseedEnjoy!


Pixelseed at MAGFest 13.


The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘High Strangeness OSV’ by Cheap Dinosaurs

- Posted May 17th, 2015 by

May 5th was a hell of a good day for music: Dino Lionetti of Cheap Dinosaurs released the soundtrack for WiiU/Steam game ‘High Strangeness’. ‘High Strangeness’ is perfect for any gamer who loves the creative realm of nostalgic adventures. I find that the best games of all time are ones that have a soundtrack that’s just as fun to listen to as the game is to play, and this 17-part soundtrack alone is so good and innovative that it gets me amped to play the game the second I get a chance.

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Inside The Daякcнip Mind of Tommy Creep

- Posted May 13th, 2015 by

Hello, Frank here again for another installment of Inside The Daякcнip Mind. All the hype is going to the full album ‘Chainsaw Witches‘ by ‘Tommy Creep.’ This album came out on April 29th, he also has physical copies that include a poster and sticker besides the CD that will start shipping by the time you read this! This album really drew me in various ways, the variety of it is pure greatness/genius in my book & I haven’t gotten tired of looping this since it came out yet!


Chris Considers: ‘Sunday Groove’ by Vince Kaichan

- Posted May 11th, 2015 by

It’s an exciting time of year in the chiprealm. We’re in the final weeks of open submissions for ChipWIN Vol. 4; there’s an electricity in the air and one can sense the creative juices flowing at full bore. Of course, that hasn’t detracted from the constant stream of incredible music being released. I was especially delighted to see Cheapbeats release Vince Kaichan’s latest album, ‘Sunday Groove’. Vince Kaichan is an absolute treasure to the chiptune community and beyond, and should need no introduction to regular readers of this blog. He’s no stranger to ChipWIN after all, having contributed gorgeous tracks to Vol.’s 2 & 3, as well as ChipWINter.

For over a year, I’ve frequently returned to the serene melodies and masterful song compositions contained within Vince’s previous 2 releases, ‘Yolanda’ and ‘Ilio’.  Over that time, ‘Sailboat’ from ‘Ilio’ has become one of my all-time favorite chiptunes, period. While those 2 albums have a decidedly tropical and latin flare, ‘Sunday Groove’ showcases Vince Kaichan’s versatility in new and exciting ways. Moving beyond the confines of LSDJ, we are treated to an FM-infused album with a soulful jazz aesthetic and tightly focused, funky grooves.


Cover art & mastering by Jimmy Clark

Cover art & mastering by Jimmy Clark