ChipWIN-tern Spotlight: The “xyce vs.” Series

- Posted December 5th, 2016 by

Howdy-ho, chipeople. You know what’s great about chiptune? The fact that someone can have an absolutely silly idea and have it spiral into an overwhelming success. Sometimes that’s just dropping those “sick clabs” with your friends, sometimes it’s doing a cover album or if you’re Tom Offringa and Roel Heerspink, it’s both. Starting last year on Halloween, xyce kicked off what I hope to be a long tradition of albums which I will be henceforth referring to the “xyce vs.” series – last year’s album was “xyce vs. backstreet boys,” and this year we got “xyce vs. genesis.” Call them cover albums, call them reimaginings, call them revamps, call them whatever you like as long as you’re calling them awesome.

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How to WIN at Chiptune #1: Your First Steps

- Posted December 2nd, 2016 by

For the first installment of this series, I want to get right to the point: how to progress from a bedroom recording artist to getting live gigs. When I started out, I thought that chiptune musicians were limited to performing at specifically chiptune shows. Many people, chiptuners included, don’t realise how the novel way we make our music can influence securing all kinds of gigs! Chiptune music production from old video game consoles is a great tool for setting yourself apart from the crowd and grabbing attention.

Disclaimer: The following comes from my personal perspective as a solo artist making EDM with LSDj, arguably the most accessible way to produce and present chipmusic. I’ll try to make my points as broad as possible, but your mileage may vary. If you have any questions about developing yourself in your specific situation, please comment! I’ll try to help, and your question might help other people in the same place. So let’s begin!

Sam Shares: 8Static Fest 2016

- Posted November 28th, 2016 by


Y’ello there chip-winners!

I’m back again with another review, but this time, it’s gonna be different. I had the pleasure of going to 8Static Fest a few weeks ago (as a performer too!) and I thought what better way to share my experience of the whole event by making a review! And don’t worry, there’s plenty of memes, hence the Philadelphia chiptune scene.



Gettin’ ChipFIT — Exercising at Home on the Cheap

- Posted November 18th, 2016 by

Here there ChipWIN! I’ve got something a little different for you this month. Inspired by Hoodie’s exploration into the topic of mental health, I want to share with you one of my favorite fall-back tools for improving my mental state when I’m feeling down in the dumps.


Just getting up, moving around, and cracking a sweat does wonders for me. In the short term, a good workout leaves me feeling relieved, refreshed and awake. In the long term, getting regular exercise has vastly improved both my physical health and my sense of self image. I’m hoping that it can do the same for more than a few of our regular readers.