ChipWIN-tern Presents: An Evening with Carl Peczynski

- Posted February 5th, 2016 by

I’m willing to wager that there is no city as equally saturated with chiptune projects as Meriden, Connecticut. This is, of course, all thanks to the massive output of one man – his name is Carl Peczynski, although you might know him as Radlib, or Oxygenstar, or maybe Steady C or sadNES or one of his other aliases. Carl is, to me, the great unsung hero of American chiptunes – I’ve yet to meet someone who is more than casually into chiptunes who doesn’t know at least one of his acts, and although he only does a few shows a year, he’s managed to stay relevant. Is it his many personae that are allowing him to meet the changing demands of the scene, never falling into a the trap of making the same thing over and over? Is it because he specializes in gear that often goes unused by others in the world of chiptune? Is it his love of early 90’s hiphop? Honestly, it doesn’t matter – because regardless of the origin of his powers, Carl’s music slays. I had the pleasure of chatting with Carl not too long ago, and the following are the fruits of that interview.

A rare picture of Carl without a backwards baseball cap.

A rare picture of Carl without a backwards baseball cap.


The Unicorn Princess Royally Interviews ‘FLIES’ and Crew

- Posted February 3rd, 2016 by
Happy February, everyone!

This month will feature a couple of articles by yours truly! This first one is an album very special to me that I only recently came across.  FLIES is an experimental artist without limitations from Massachusetts. His newest EP, ‘Exi(s)t,’ exhibits interesting mixtures of memorable chord progressions, voices, beats, combinations of clear and lo-fi samples, and textures. While not in the chip realm, I wanted to expose those who love that genre with others that integrates otherworldly elements to hopefully inspire, and continue to expand the beautiful world of music and sound design.


Photo by Frank Price


Sladerfluous Reviews: ‘Venture Kid’ by Norrin_Radd

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In a word, ‘Venture Kid’ is CLASSIC.

Matt Creamer AKA Norrin_Radd delivers on pouring a 15 year pursuit of recreating near-perfectly authentic NES sounds into the fantastic soundtrack for the Mega Man fan-service platformer ‘Venture Kid’ (the iOS/Android game is out now). Energetic control shifts with each chaotic transition in this retro game microcosm as the album pulls you through all of the tentpole moments of any typical original Nintendo Entertainment System title.

Hook into the album right now with ‘Title Screen’ below!


Chip Mom’s Kitchen #27: Double Chocolate Cookies

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Greetings ChipWINners!  Welcome to Chip Mom’s Kitchen, which this week has the honor of being The ChipWIN Blog’s 500th publication! If you keep up with the happenings in the ChipRealm, then you may have noticed that Chiptunes = WIN got together with the folks over at Groupees to put together a hella sweet chiptune Bundle of WIN (linked below!).  Along with that bundle came a few fabulous prizes, not the least of which (in my not-so-humble opinion) was a batch of cookies provided by yours truely!  Chiptune artist JKLOL was the lucky winner (song below!), and today you are going to join me in the making of said prize and learn all about…

Double Chocolate Cookies



Chris Considers: ‘Lumine’ by bansheebeat

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I just can’t quit you, 2015. You’ve lavished us with so much incredible music that even with our thrice-a-week coverage, true gems will inevitably fall through the cracks. I’d like to fix one such oversight by highlighting one of my favorite albums of last year, ‘Lumine’ by bansheebeat (Dylan Browne). This Tucson, AZ based musician has poured his heart and soul into writing, producing and mixing every aspect of ‘Lumine’ for over a 2 year period, and it clearly shows within the finished product. During my dayjob as a mail carrier, repeatedly listening to ‘Lumine’ played an integral role in carrying me through the long, busy holiday season. Read on to see why I will never tire of this phenomenal album.

Cover art by Grant Newbold

Cover art by Grant Newbold