Sladerfluous Reviews: ‘C​:​\​>CHKDSK /F’ by MASTER BOOT RECORD

- Posted September 26th, 2016 by

‘C:\>CHKDSK /F’ by MASTER BOOT RECORD is, in a word, beautiful.


Individually, the sounds and tones employed by MASTER BOOT RECORD could be lazily considered harsh, hardcore, heavy, or metal. Make no mistake, I am not making the claim that they aren’t these things. I am imploring that you look deeper. Together, they twist and compliment in ways that are intrinsically beautiful in the most complimentary use of the word, offering an expectedly intense album that unexpectedly oozes grace and allure.

Delve into the full review below and drink in ‘C:\>CHKDSK /F’ by MASTER BOOT RECORD…


What’s On Tap – Petriform

- Posted September 23rd, 2016 by

Welcome back to ‘What’s on Tap?’ where we explore all sorts of pleasurable sensory experiences and pine over the last days of summer. This month I have the pleasure to review an artist whose work I really enjoy (Petriform) and a beer style that is in perfect season right now (Oktoberfest). Combining these two will be certain to please, and I hope you will seek out both the album and some of the beers listed at the end of the review.

Released in August, Petriform’s latest album ‘Don’t Worry, You’re Great!’ is an uplifting and cheerful collection of 13 tracks packed to the brim with catchy melodies. One of the things that makes this release unique in the realm of chip music is the artful combination of chip sounds from Famitracker with guitar and vocoder-laced vocal tracks. Not every song features the voice – and Petriform includes the instrumentals in the full album download – but those that do contain lyrics that tell interesting stories, and the voice blends among the chip synth in a beautiful tapestry of sound.

'Don't Worry, You're Great!'
cover art by Petriform

Chip Bit Sid Takes on: Psycosis – ‘Mash Bandicoot’

- Posted September 21st, 2016 by

Sometimes in chiptune & VGM, you hear some of the craziest music. This time is now. This week’s album was something I found a while back when I was scouring through all types of VGM. ‘Mash Bandicoot’ is the insane experiment by British artist Psycosis, and is exactly what you’d expect. A mash up of all things Crash Bandicoot whilst combining hip-hop & rap. Sounds extremely ludicrous?

You’re right. It is. But for a Bandicoot fan like myself, it’s so so good!



Chris Considers: ‘POP NEGA POP EP’ by TORIENA

- Posted September 16th, 2016 by

Greetings ChipWINners! If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you’re likely already familiar with the Japanese chiptune prodigy TORIENA (Sae Shimizu). Since she began composing and performing chipmusic in 2012, and then co-founding MADMILKY RECORDS with NNNNNNNNNN the following year, TORIENA has become an international chiptune sensation. Well-known for her densely detailed chipdance music and high-energy live performances, TORIENA is right up there with Chibi-Tech, representing the pinnacle of raw talent and professionalism within the chiptune scene. Her music consistently impresses and inspires her many fans around the world by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within the genre, and her latest EP ‘POP NEGA POP’ is no exception. Hit the jump to get the lowdown on why ‘POP NEGA POP EP’ deserves a permanent home in your collection.

TORIENA is also a talented illustrator!

TORIENA is also a talented illustrator!


Kuma, V. Forge, Chris K’s Resplendent ‘Forest = ВИН’ Review

- Posted September 14th, 2016 by

Hey, what’s up ChipWINners? It’s your boy BronxKuma, welcoming you back to the blog.  This time around, we’re going to be doing something very special, as today I’ll be joining forces with Viridian Forge & Chris Krogsgard to cover the latest release from the label: ‘Forest = ВИН‘!

‘Forest = ВИН’ is a truly noteworthy release because it represents continued success for our collective.  Taking the opportunity to work with Kubbi and Agri, the founders of the Russian based Forest net label and long time supporters and partners of ChipWIN, we’ve put together a collection of aria that is truly wonderful.  This is something we’re all very proud of, as this stellar accomplishment is the 18th album ChipWIN has released in five years! Consisting of thirteen phenomenal tracks from all over the globe, ‘Forest = ВИН’ is a labor of love that is so absolutely resplendent that we just can’t wait to share with you.  So let’s not waste anymore time: sit back, relax, and plug in those headphones: it’s time to go wandering into the Forest.

Album artwork by Anatoly Sazonov,

Splendid album artwork by Anatoly Sazonov,


Aydan Appreciates: ‘Synonymous Dimensions’ by Polygon Horizon

- Posted September 12th, 2016 by

Polygon Horizon is a chipartist whose name may not be recognized by many. However, on hearing their polished sound, out-of-this-world riffage, and references to the Nintendocore music catalog throughout their Facebook page, it’ll be clear that this is no newbie to the chipmusic genre. Poopmaster (debatably the contender for ‘Silliest Artist Name with Best Music’) went through a transitional period, slightly altered their usual style, and morphed into the chipmetal project that is PH. ‘Synonymous Dimensions’ is this artist’s virgin project under this alias; this is a concept album dealing with the unique idea that five video game characters suddenly become conscious of what’s happening around them and the fact that they are, indeed, nothing more than digitally created objects in a predetermined world. Read on to see what this veteran of the genre has created!