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Progression: An Argument Towards The Engagement of Research Practices

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Hey guys! Tuberz here with a little bit of something different. Follow along at home, and prepare to read something you don’t often see associated with Chipmusic.

Those of us who create content understand the difficult nature of progression. I don’t mean story progression. I don’t mean a jazz standard progression like a ii-V-I. I mean the progression of our craft. When we create something we want it to succeed more than our last venture. We want to get better. The real question that people arrive at is ‘how?’ What if I said I had a possible answer for all of you brilliant readers out there? Does that sound good? Good. Let’s jam.

This word may strike fear into the heart of many (and with good reason), but you will soon learn to love it.


Whoah right? We just make music on a Game Boy, a NES, maybe a Megadrive/Genesis if we’re super highbrow. Research is reserved for academics right? I gotta get a Ph.D for that right? Wrong. Let’s take a look at the word research.


Fives and Nines: Tuberz McGee reviews ‘The Life and Times of Whiskers Mahone’ by Hoffy

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Editor’s Note: looks like we’ve got our first new blood of 2017! Everyone, welcome Callum Kennedy aka Tuberz McGee to the blog!

Hoffy is by no means a newcomer to the Chiptune scene and it is my pleasure to review his seminal work ‘The Life and Times of Whiskers Mahone’ released through our good friends at Cheapbeats. Hoffy hails from Edmonton, Alberta, wielding a mighty laptop running 0CC-Famitracker in one hand and a calculator generating random time signatures in the other [citation needed]. Most of you may know me as Tuberz McGee and after spending the last year writing an Honours Thesis on Chiptune I’m really itching to get into this. Let’s roll.

I think the album is about a cat. A cat who probably listens to Rush and Genesis a lot.