Artist Map/List

Might I interest you in a google map + link filled list (updated from the original two ChipWIN Fb Group lists here (1) & here (2) ) that features chipartists, visualists, VGM artists, and Nerdcore acts from around the whole gorram world? I thought so. ;)
Enjoy! \m||m/

Short-link to map:
Short-link to spreadsheet:

Note: Click the ( i ) at the top of the map for more info & access to the artist list!
Click the top right corner of the map to view in fullscreen!

Are you a chipartist, visualist, VGM artist, or Nerdcore act and would like to be added to the map/list? Then fill out this contact form and we’ll fix you right up! ^_^

Short-link to map submission form:

Last Updated: July 24, 2017

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