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This month’s edition of ‘What’s on Tap?’ is fortunate in its timing, with a new release matching up perfectly with the beer style I wanted to discuss this month. Combining PAULA POWERED’s new chip punk EP ‘Level Up’ with good weather and a cold hefeweizen is a recipe for success.

Many of the artists that I review on the ChipWIN blog – most notably Danimal Cannon and Norrin_Radd – gravitate towards heavy, complex music. While I enjoy music in this vein, the simplicity of the textures and importance of the message inherent in punk music is something that also really speaks to me. In their new EP, PAULA POWERED blends punk ethos with well-produced chip music mixing vocals, guitar, and the Amiga 1200. Although punk is often intentionally lo-fi, fans can expect to hear slightly more melodic singing and fantastic production from this release; think less Germs/Minor Threat and more Clash/Stooges. Onward!

Level Up


ChipWIN-tern Spotlight: ‘The Frequency Modulators Orchestra Vol. 1’ by Amplitude Problem

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We all like solo projects, right? They’re always cool.  Someone who’s been doing their thing as a part of a group or a series of collaborations gets to do their own thing.  They give themselves the opportunity to open up the throttle and do what they really want to do. Lo and behold, I have such an offering for you! The latest release on Ubiktune, ‘The Frequency Modulators Orchestra Vol. 1’ by Amplitude Problem, is the newest project from demoscene veteran Juan Irming.


Kuma’s Quick Shots #23 ft. Gigibyte, Thorazine Unicorn, and 8-Bit Mullet

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  • Heyo, ChipWINners! Welcome back to Quick Shots! This month, I’ll be reviewing work from three artists across the creative spectrum who have each brought something rather unique to the table. The first is a debut EP from a chiptuner with EDM leanings. The second is an artist I’ve featured in my interview column who has recently put out two new singles. The third is an offering that skews more towards Nerdcore than chiptune, but was too unique to pass up on sharing with all of you. So lets not waste any more time. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the works of Gigibyte, Thorazine Unicorn, and 8-Bit Mullet.


Sladerfluous Reviews: ‘Pixel Physics’ by TRIAC

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‘Pixel Physics’ by TRIAC is a Nanoloop powerhouse with energy to burn.

According to TRIAC’s Bandcamp, ‘Pixel Physics’ is a collection of 6 tracks written over three years ago in which TRIAC has “rediscovered their potential”. Like a treasure trove unearthed during spring cleaning, ‘Pixel Physics’ delivers force and freedom as it stretches the limits of Nanoloop 1.5, recorded on a Game Boy Classic and absolutely deserves your undivided attention.


The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘Music Workbench’ by Ben Prunty

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Happy April, folks!

This month, I came across a release by Ben Prunty called ‘Music Workbench’ – a series of improvisations performed by Prunty weekly – is featured live on Twitch every Saturday at 2PM Pacific Time. Taking advantage of a live streaming platform not only gives the opportunity for real-time performances, but it also creates a platform for viewers to inquire about technology and creativity in real time.

Artwork by Amora Bettany, of Studio Miniboss (studiominiboss.com).


The More You Know: The Famicom/NES/2A03 Triangle Channel

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Despite being nostalgic for me, the Famicom has some very distinct sounds that are instantly recognizable. To me, the one that seems to stick out the most, is the triangle wave. To anyone not familiar, a triangle wave is the shape of a sound wave, and you can guess what shape that it makes.  Yup; a triangle.

But… what causes the Famicom’s triangle wave to be so different compared to when you produce it in a digital audio workstation, or even other programs such as LSDJ? Why does it have a unique sound that’s more audible than the others? Who is the muffin man? We’re about to dig into that after the jump. (more…)