What’s On Tap – Roboctopus

- Posted June 5th, 2017 by

Hello and welcome to the first sun-filled summer edition of What’s on Tap. This month I am pleased to be able to review the brand spankin’ new album ‘Your Heart is a Pie Chart’ by the one and only Roboctopus, released on the Cheapbeats netlabel. Not only do I get to talk about new music from one of my favorite artists, but we get to publish the review on the exact album release date of June 5th! Normally these reviews publish a few weeks to a month after a release, and this is an exciting opportunity for me to give a guided tour through an album that most everyone will not have heard yet. Grab a cold beverage and load up your Bluetooth speaker on the deck – we’re kicking off summer right… now!


Chip Bit Sid Takes on: Mega Ran & Guests “Live at the Castle Hotel”

- Posted June 2nd, 2017 by

Last month I was given exclusive tickets to go and see ‘Mega Ran live’ in Manchester at the ‘Castle Hotel’, courtesy of my chiptune buddy, ‘Auracle’. Auracle would also be opening for the Arizona-based rapper. I’d seen’ Mega Ran’ a few times already; twice at Superbyte and then again when he opened for ‘MC Lars’. However, I couldn’t pass this up as the ‘Castle Hotel’  is one of the smallest venues in townwhich gives its concerts a real, personal vibe. Getting up close and personal with Ran and his impeccable openers was definitely a sell straight away for me.

For those who don’t know Mega Ran, he is one of the big rappers of Chiptune and Nerdcore, starting off by spewing videogame inspired lyrics over a wide range of retro VGM songs. The majority of his tracks were inspired by Capcom games like ‘Mega Man’ (shock) however ‘Final Fantasy’ is also heavily referenced too.


Paul’s Tech Talk – Introduction: ‘Turning a page of LSDJ History’

- Posted May 26th, 2017 by

Hello everyone! Paul here from the French Chip Duo Pain Perdu.

Some of you may know of our Youtube channel, where I’ve done a few tutorial videos about technical aspects of LSDJ that I thought were often misunderstood, overlooked or underused. In terms of ergonomy, raw music-making potential and how easily people can access parameters that grant extremely minute control over the sound, LSDJ is a fantastic program; in fact it stands out for me as the tracker that strikes the most perfect balance between complexity and accessibility. The fact that it is displayed in the Sweden Museum of Music and Performing Arts is well-deserved.



The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘Decent Company’ by Catthew O., AKA Bubblegum Octopus.

- Posted May 19th, 2017 by

Happy May, folks!

This month, I chose to shed some light on an album hosting home to 26 tracks called ‘Decent Company’, created by a New Jersey based artist, releasing under the moniker of ‘Catthew O.’. Also known as ‘Bubblegum Octopus‘, Catthew O. prepared a wonderfully eclectic final product containing music created specifically for Weekly Beats.

Weakly Beats, which was recently held in 2016, is an online site that previously allowed composers to upload original music once a week, every week, for the entirety of the year. While I did not personally participate in WB, I found it to be a great forum for creativity and I do hope it opens up again in the next year to come; it’s a fantastic place for musicians to congregate, and outcomes like ‘Decent Company’ are always fantastic to come by.

Artwork for ‘Decent Company’.