Rhyphte Reviews: ‘General Musings’ by cactus.

- Posted February 13th, 2020 by

Well, this is probably the last you’ll be hearing from me for a minute, folks. Got some IRL adventures to sort out before I can pursue my hobbies in the same way again. So let me kick off the review portion of this announcement with the revelation that cactus. is from Melbourne! Crazy to me since I was born there and had no idea (that cactus. resides there—pretty sure I know where I was born)! There’s so much talent in the southern hemisphere and the list of Aussie musicians that I am aware of grows longer day by day!

(very fitting) album art by Joshua Webb

‘General Musings’ is a collection of what cactus. calls ‘title-first’ compositions, which are songs written around expressions or phrases deemed sufficiently interesting by the creator. I think that the concept is quite refreshing, bringing many different and specific ideas together into the spotlight without the need for a binding theme. It’s a great prompt for generating new and interesting musical ideas!


Aydan Appreciates: ‘Next Level’ by Graz

- Posted February 11th, 2020 by

Graz’s music catalog has been expanding slowly but surely over the last few years, with the release of multiple singles, EPs, and collaborations with other artists, in addition to a few features on our very own ChipWIN compilations over the years. Through Orlando-based netlabel Tiny Waves, Graz has released his latest EP, ‘Next Level’, a five-track EP featuring two of his most recently released singles in ‘Need Ur Love’ and ‘Run It’. Let’s check it out!


Chip Mom #58: Back to Trash

- Posted February 4th, 2020 by

So I do want to feature some healthier, simpler options on the blog. I really do! But the sad fact is that your Chip Mom is not-so-secretly a trash panda in an adorable trench coat. I have to go back to my roots. My roots are baked goods with no nutritional value, but high concentrations of LOVE (and butter). That’s why this week you are being treated to a unique take on a dump cake.

Cherry Crock-Pot Cake


This month in The Overworld: Vault Kid

- Posted January 30th, 2020 by

This month’s featured artist was born and raised in East Fresia, Germany. Which is a small coastal region, very close to the border with the Netherlands, and famous for its tea culture. Keno, a.k.a. Vault Kid has a long record of creating EDM jams that goes back all the way to 2012, and through his college years this habit remained strong. Suddenly, in 2016, the event of finding out about Chiptune changed his creative path forever. Let’s hear what this producer of catchy tunes has to say about our beloved music style.

Vault Kid holding his sonic weapon of choice.


Rhyphte Reviews: ‘Lachrymose Dreams of the Alchemist’ by Joe Swensen

- Posted January 28th, 2020 by

Hi everyone — I hope you’re all enjoying 2020, because we’re actually about to take a little trip back to December 2019, a time when everyone decided to drop their albums in a bizarre, chaotic rush to beat the clock on the new decade. Or was that just me? Projection aside, there’s a lot of great tunes to unpack from the climactic finale of the 2010s, so we’re gonna linger here a bit for me to shine the spotlight on a lovely, experimental EP from the equally lovely Joe Swensen!

Album art by the blog’s very own Giselle Llamas!

Formerly known as Turtle Beats, Joe’s been a formidable presence in the scene for a while, but they have recently launched into the forefront by their flawless execution of the “ChipWIN roster debut to new album to Chipspace showcase” true-combo we’ve seen play out plenty of times over the years! ‘Lachrymose Dreams of the Alchemist’ is a compact concept album packed to the brim with novel techniques in Joe’s lively, minimalist style. It’s certainly a must-listen for anyone brainstorming new directions for their next LSDJ project.


A Square Meal: ‘Insect_Byte’ by 4 For Fake

- Posted January 23rd, 2020 by

Mexico is a land of contrasts and, of course, chipmusic is no exception to that. Maybe mostly known because of its raw sound and its so-called ‘iconoclastic nature’, the Mexican chipscene has overcome quite a few setbacks to become what it is now, and it’s given us a couple names to put it on the map. While chipmusic production – at a national level – has been slow in recent years, 2019 left us with an interesting work by one of the most prominent names around here. You may have listened to something by him before – I’m talking about 4 For Fake. Responsible for a vast amount of DMG mods and with a notable musical background, this technological laudator brings to us his first album made entirely in HoustonTracker 2. So let’s take a look at ‘Insect_Byte’ by 4 For Fake.

Album Art by 4 For Fake