Leveling Up Your Artistic Identity – Episode IV: Cornering Your Market

- Posted December 5th, 2019 by

For many, the term ‘marketing’ can have an unsavory connotation – especially when applied to their own work. If this describes you, it’s time to reevaluate. While there are plenty of entities that use marketing as a means to questionable ends, we have to remember that marketing is merely a tool. Rather than look at marketing as a way to ‘control and manipulate people,’ think of it as a way to optimize the presentation of your work and ensure that it gets put in front of latent superfans. Previously, we looked at how to establish a series of themes and aesthetics that make up your ‘brand.’ Truthfully, that only covers half of the equation. The other half deals less with the nuance of identity and more with logistics. Now that you have a good idea of what to put into the world, we’re going to postulate how you plan to put it out there.


Rhyphte Reviews: ‘Scars’ by Watch Out for Snakes

- Posted November 26th, 2019 by

Y’all. It has not been easy deciding what to write about. The late autumn/early winter releases have been fucking killer. Right now, I’m sitting on like, two half-finished reviews—which is nuts! But I’ve just decided to take the plunge on this ’cause I’ve gotta honor what Matt has accomplished here. Watch Out For Snakes (hereon referred to as WOFS), is a synthwave project from Matt Baum featuring prominent chiptune elements and is a cornerstone of the Atlanta synthwave scene. When I heard ‘Arms Race’ on Volume 7 of the annual compilation, I knew that something truly remarkable was taking shape in the chiptune scene and I couldn’t be happier to see this fucking stellar release at the forefront of Georgia’s chiptune landscape.

Album art for ‘Scars’ by Andrew Tremblay.


This Month in The Overworld: Uctumi

- Posted November 21st, 2019 by

Always witty and to the point, this month’s The Overworld guest once said about hardware limitations “Challenge is the fuel that turns the cogs of creativity”.

Uctumi playing live.
Uctumi playing live.

Born in Buenos Aires in the year 1981, Uctumi is an Argentinian musician that began composing tracker music in 1996. Very active in the current local demoscene, he shares his views of Chiptune music and innovation in general in this interview.


‘A Fistful of Chiptunes’ Full Review

- Posted November 19th, 2019 by

Howdy again, chiptune buckaroos!

Buckaroo Bran here to jaw ‘atcha one last time about our Wild West themed compilation, ‘A Fistful of Chiptunes‘! Got not one, two, but three wily writers in cahoots today to serve up the full review of this badass buncha tunes! On the horse first, it’s Pixel Guy! Yeehaw!

Badass album art by Nate ‘Quickdraw Horsfall.

Aydan Appreciates: ‘Modern Closure’ by 4mat

- Posted November 14th, 2019 by

‘Nadir’ was my first exposure to 4mat’s timeless and emotional music. I was given the honor to review the album in 2014, and it filled a musical void I never knew existed until I listened to it in depth over and over again. With off-kilter percussion and melodies, polyrhythms galore, and overarching themes of memory and self-doubt, ‘Nadir’ is a thing of beauty, with some of its hauntingly beautiful melodies still ringing in my head to this day. Since the release of ‘Nadir‘ and the remaster of ‘Decades‘, however, the artist’s Bandcamp page had been relatively quiet up until the surprising release of ‘Modern Closure’, an expansive 18-track journey through the depths of emotion.


A Square Meal: The SOUNDSHOCK Series

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Beyond all the glamour and pageantry of the blips & blops, a misunderstood way of making chip music has grown and bloomed away from the spotlight of the scene – yes I’m talking about FM Synthesis. Of course, this is not a complaint, as we say in Spanish: “para gustos los colores”. The point is that, most of the time, a lot of cool things happen under the surface, things that are worth talking about and, from time to time, seem to be buried in the huge mass of crunchy sounds. The album series I’m covering today is not that. I can even say that it’s well known by everyone nowadays, precisely because the intention was –and still is– to direct your attention to the music and techniques used by those incredible musicians. Today I want to go back to one of the greatest compilation series centered on the FM side of the Micro Music, Demoscene, and Chiptune. Apt for newcomers and veterans, it will make you move and ignite the fires of love and interest in this particular approach to chip music in your soul – hoping the inferno grows so big that it encourages you to search for new music or even make your own. So let’s take a look over the ‘SOUNDSHOCK’ Series by Ubiktune.