geekbeatradio Presents: The ChipWIN Vol.8 Expansion Pack

- Posted October 11th, 2019 by

🤖 Edit: ‘Robots Always WIN’ is LIVE!! Nab it here. 🤖

After many years of hosting the release parties for various ChipWIN compilations, our friends at geekbeatradio are happy to finally have the opportunity to curate and release one of their own! Namely, the Expansion Release for ‘Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 8‘, aptly titled ‘Robots Always WIN’!

Electrifying album art by Karbia.

A Square Meal: ‘Mirage Diary’ by scythe

- Posted October 17th, 2019 by

Just lovely, that’s how anyone who has listened to scythe’s music would describe his style if you asked them. His charming melodies and upbeat rhythms enter the ears but go straight to the heart. This quality made his second album ‘Nighty Night Stories’ win the VGMOnline AGMA 2018 for Best Chiptune Album. This time scythe is back with two LSDj and a whole new batch of tunes that will warm our souls and take our minds to explore the wonders and limits of an incredible fantasy. So let’s take a look over ‘Mirage Diary’ by scythe and released via CheapBeats.

Art by Narume

Aydan Appreciates: ‘Mercury’ by Kommisar

- Posted October 3rd, 2019 by

Having been a long-standing member of the FlashFlashRevolution community, Kommisar was a name I had commonly encountered betwixt his music and simfile charting. Kommisar has contributed to ChipWIN in the past on more than a few volumes, with each track containing his legendary, patented jazzy ‘insaneous chiptune solos’. Recently he’s re-released a number of tunes in the form of an EP titled ‘Mercury’; each piece on the EP is impressive in its own right. The most impressive facet to his compositions is the fact that all of the pieces on ‘Mercury’ were written on 1xLSDJ; this is quite hard to believe considering the depth of each track on the EP! Now that we have the ability to listen to this in its entirety as intended, let’s revisit some of these amazing tunes!


Leveling Up Your Artistic Identity – Episode II: Putting Pen to Paper

- Posted October 1st, 2019 by

Like many worthwhile ventures, cultivating a music project is an ongoing act of passion and deliberation. Many good ideas often become great ideas as a result of thoughtful iteration. Last time, we touched on this topic specifically as it relates to your artist or band name. If you’re totally amped about your project name and are itching to put that name to work, this episode is for you! We’re going to bulk up your to-do list with some very important action items: locking down your moniker, saving a seat for yourself on distribution platforms, and drafting an effective artist biography.


This Month in The Overworld: Hyper Foofie

- Posted September 26th, 2019 by

This month’s artist is as skillful with words as he is with music. An artist that loves to experiment with different types of artistic expression, and a designer at heart, he often dazzles everyone with his ability to communicate his enthusiasm, verbally and visually. It’s pretty clear from his social media profiles that he takes Chiptune seriously, and it’s very refreshing to see such an unbridled enthusiasm.

Hyper Foofie playing live. Photo by Juan Manuel Gomez Loaiza.

His first album was titled ‘Bomb Crusader’ and his friends influence is definately felt on his latest album, named ‘Blaster Raster’, after a lifelong connection that he shared with a rastafari that endured a life threatening motorcycle crash.