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ChipWIN compilation DLC FTW!!! \m|♥|m/

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YUP. More ChipWIN goodness coming ‘atcha HARD & FAST & SUDDENLY~!!!
On October 1st, Chiptunes = WIN brings you THE EXPANSION PACK.

21 brand new, unreleased tracks from 21 completely different artists, NINJA ATTACKING you from the pixelated mists of chipland!!

And OH HELLZ YEAH, it’s getting the full treatment once again: mastered by the badasstastic Dj CUTMAN, artified by the artmaster Nate Horsfall aka Foxdragon, and merchified by Maddie the magical Merch Fairy (merch details COMING SOON).

And, OF COURSE, check out (and SHARE the bejebus out of!!!) Swack & Justin’s new RIDICUWIN Expansion Pack promo video for more chipWINfo (these puns are getting unbearable… ;3):

ALSO OF COURSE, don’t miss the host with the mostest, Obtuse’s 8 Bit Power Hour release date listening paaaartaaaaay on Areciboradio (IT’S A TRADITION NOW, BLASTITALL!!!):

If you prefer teh Twitters, USE THIS:


AND BOOM!!! There’s now ChipWIN Chat here on the blog BECAUSE ♥ !!!

When President Hoodie promises chiptune, PRESIDENT HOODIE DELIVERS TEH CHIPTUNE. 8)

OCTOBER 1st. <– BE THERE. Or zombie chibi dickbutt will get you.


A quick message to *ALL* who applied for MAGFest 11

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Just a quick post to say a HUMONGALOUS *THANK YOU* to any and all chippers who applied for MAGFest 11 this year. It was HANDS DOWN *THE HIGHEST* number of chip applicants *EVER*, which is a landmark to be *DAMN* proud of in and of itself!!! =D Unfortunately, MAGFest can’t quite bring ALL OF THE BANDS/ARTISTS to it, so all who weren’t invited to play please keep that in mind, alright? =)

And *STILL COME*!! MAGFest is a *BLAST AMONG BLASTS* and *THE BEST* way to bring in the new year! =D Among good times there’s also a huge opportunity for some nerdy networking! And who knows what awesomeness could come from that (gigs, new friends, new love, FREE BEER, etc)!! ;D

Much love as always,

P.S. ‎*ALSO*, something awesome that a coolass dude pointed out on the Chiptunes = WIN Fb page:

“Nothing’s stopping you from performing anyways! Ample opportunity to wow passersby with your art.”

Personally, I don’t know how many times I’ve seen chippers at MAG/other fests/cons sitting in hallways, in room parties, at tabletop gaming, etc. playing their jams for any/all curious to stop by and check out. And there are *A LOT* of people wandering MAGFest for the duration of the weekend (6000 total at MAG X, and that’s 3000 more than the previous year at MAG 9!). Something to keep in mind. =)

New ChipWIN merch FTW!!! \m|♥|m/

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How about some new ChipWIN merch, yes?? OH YES!!! =D

Two new ChipWIN stickers! Two new ChipWIN buttons! OR get one of everything in a limited edition bundle for only! Although there’s only 21 of those bundles available, SO ACT FAST IF YOU WANT ONE!!! Why 21 you ask? I DUNNO. Must be some reason for it…? Maybe it’s a a hint or something, WHO KNOWS?!? (you might if you order a bundle… ;).

At any rate, you can find all of this goodness on the brand spankin’ new merch section of the ChipWIN Bandcamp at!

As with all ChipWIN projects, 100% of ALL payments are considered donations to fund further Chiptunes = WIN projects.