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Thanks to a last second favor of BADASSERY by the always awesome Andrew Kilpatrick, WHO WANTS A QUICK TEASER MIX OF ALL 13 chipWINter TRACKS TO TICKLE YOUR EARHOLES WITH??!?!? ;DDD

To hear the *ENTIRE* delightful release, be sure to join us for the chipWINter release party on Monday night, December 10th, at 9pm EST on the 8 Bit Power Hour on 8bitx!! The frosty compilation will be available shortly thereafter to download on the ChipWIN Bandcamp!!

chipWINter is near!! GET EXCITED~!!!! ^_^


Kubbi: A Gentleman and Scholar

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And now, for some extraordinarily awesome awesomeness from the badass known as Diamond Machine aka Danny Pryor (YUP, HE’S WRITING FOR CHIPWIN TOO!! <3 <3 ).

Do you need a concrete reason to listen to Kubbi, or do you just want to learn more about the man behind the music? Well I was fortunate enough to have him answer a few questions for me (I mean he is a very, very, busy guy) and he was nice enough to get back to me almost immediately with some really great responses.


Question 1: What video games do you like to play? Any favorite games/systems?

Kubbi: Heh, well to be honest I don’t have time for a lot of gaming these days. I haven’t really played too much for the past few years. It’s strange regarding how many hours a day I spend in front of the computer. Of course I do play games whenever I feel like it and I tend to wind up replaying some Zelda games now and then. Honestly, I’m not that interested in newer games when I see how many qualities the game industry has lost the last 10 years. 
Favorite game? ERRRRRRR KUBBI DOES NOT COMPUTE! So many awesome games. Best game is probably Skyrim… ironic, I know. My personal favorite game; Super Smash Bros Melee for the Gamecube…. which by the way is the best game system ever…. just cause that’s the only one my parents ever got me.

Question 2: What is your favorite instrument, tracker, plug-in or sound?

Kubbi: My favorite instrument is probably Bass guitar and I’ve played that for about 6 years. I also love Piano, Marimba, drums, acoustic guitars and obviously gameboys. When it comes to software there are tons of great music production programs out there like trackers, DAWs and so on. I’ve always felt comfortable writing music in a tracker interface. When I discovered Renoise I was so happy to finally be able to work in a tracker with DAW features. My favorite music software ever. I sure wish I could compose in real game systems, but for now I’m really satisfied with plug-ins like Plogue chipsounds, Magical8bitplugin and sampled chipsounds.

Question 3: What is the first song you remember making?

Kubbi: Heh, oh my. I had sort of a sudden start when it came to music writing. I wrote a lot of scores for my first band when I was about 12 and I guess that’s how I fell in love with composing. The first year I had lost count of how many compositions I had made and my “guitar pro 5” folder contained about 160 finished and unfinished songs. Occasionally I open up that folder again just to laugh at how much I sucked back then, but also to look at my past to see where my road might be heading. I still have the first finished song I wrote, and cause I never really got to use it is still titled “dicks”.

Question 4: Any favorite artists?

Kubbi:  I can’t choose one favorite artist. That’s basically impossible. I’m a proghead, metalhead, jazzhead and electrohead. The band that has inspired and affected me most is probably Porcupine Tree. Other bands that I really enjoy are Tool, Gojira, Smiletron, Lemon Jelly, Opeth… Man, there are just too many artists I’d like to mention.

Question 5: What is the inspiration behind your name and the kind of music that you do?

Kubbi: My name is unfortunately not relevant to my music what so ever. ‘Kubbi’ was just an internet alias I used when I first started writing chiptunes. I just wanted to sign up for an account on 8 bit collective and suddenly Kubbi was an artist name. I guess I regret it a bit, but I try not to care. You could say there are two categories of Kubbi music. The first one is tunes that I make because I want to make music. No deep message, just me doing whatever I want. The other category is the music that I actually want to express something with. My albums are especially based on my experiences in life and thoughts that I feel like sharing. 

Question 6:  What upcoming events do you have planned scheduled? 

Kubbi: I’m obviously really excited about December 1st, but I gotta say December 2nd will be even more important to me. That is the day I will do absolutely NOTHING. After working on this album every day for 7 months I’ll need a short break. Other than that we have the ChipWINter compilation which I have provided a new track for, and early next year I will release a compilation of all the randomly released Kubbitunes… perhaps even some new ones, we’ll see.

Question 7: Do you have any side projects in the works?

Kubbi: I’m glad you asked. The last two or three months I’ve been working on a progressive rock project called TOASTER REPUBLIC with some very good friends of mine. There will be an EP ready early next year and there will be more info on that in the near future, but for now the best thing you can do is liking our facebook page.

I’m also planning on writing a new album that is not related to any of my other projects or focused on any particular genre. That is just something that I’d LIKE to do for now though. We’ll see how it ends up. 

Question 8: Any words of wisdom or a favorite quotes for aspiring artists?

Kubbi: There are in fact some words I’d like to share to all you artists. I feel like too many people focus on writing music that a majority of people will like instead of writing what they’ll really like themselves. Obviously this is all up to what your goal with music is, but here’s the catchphrase:“Don’t make music for your audience. Make music for yourself.”

Kubbi’s Extra Special Thanks
Kubbi: Man, there are so many people that has helped me out on the Circuithead project and the entire Kubbi project itself.
I’d like to thank:
  • Live-Andrea Gjessen Rasch for providing me with beautiful vocals and pure awesomeness.
  • My family and friends for inspiring, motivating and helping me. 
  • Thousands of years of technology
  •  My cat.