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PAX EAST 2013 IS NIGH (March 22-24th, i.e. THIS WEEKEND!!!)


MAGFest Presents: Jamspace

magfest logo

Straight from the mouth of MAGFest’s very own Nick the Newbie:

“What in the ever loving shit is “Jamspace”? Jamspace is music all day every day during pax. We’ve got chiptunes, live video game cover bands, DJs, and even open jam time with provided instruments. We’ve got guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard for playing, or you can even bring your own instruments! Follow @MAGFest on twitter for updates of what’s going on all weekend.”

Fri-Sun schedule:
Friday 3/22, 3-5pm: The World Is Square, Random aka MegaRan
Saturday 3/23, 3-5pm: Lords of Thunder, Armcannon
Sunday 3/24, 1-3pm: OverClocked University, Crashfaster

Regarding the bulk of the scheduled chipmusic shows happening in the Jamspace…

B8B Presents: PAXE Chiptune 2013

pax east 2013 chip showcase

Boston8Bit is once again bringing a KILLER chiptune lineup to the PAX East Jamspace. In case you can’t read the SUPER SEKSAY flyer just to the left there, here’s the full Friday 3/22 & Saturday 3/23 11:30am – 2:30pm EST lineup!

Dj CUTMAN | Disasterpeace | Br1ght Pr1mate | D&D Sluggers | MC Facepalm | Glenntai

Danimal Cannon | Cheap Dinosaurs | Active Knowledge | Doomcloud | RobotSexMusic | Sam Mulligan

Visuals by:
Animal Style | Invaderbacca | VJ Guybrush

Dj: Decktonic

And if that’s not enough MOST EXCELLENT chipmusic for you (it’s NEVAR enough!), or you’d like a chance to perform your own chipmusic at an open mic event…

B8B & ChipWIN Presents: CHIPstage

chipstage banner

A very first for PAX East, the CHIPstage is essentially a separate Jamspace for chipartists & Djs! Bring your chippy and/or electronic jams & showcase ’em LIVE AT PAX!!!

On top of that, there’ll also be a good chance of any or all of the following happening at CHIPstage:

  • random gaming &/or tourneys
  • ridiculous contests (dickbutt drawing contest anyone? :3 )
  • a guaranteed on stage suplex for every artist who suffers a DMG crash while performing (J/k! Maybe… ♥)
  • really stupid dance offs (Hoodie shuffle comin’ ‘atcha! 8)
  • VERY SPECIAL music events & guests

In summation, NONSTOP ZOMBOCON. 8)
Follow @ChiptunesWIN & @BOSTON8BIT on Twitter for updates during the craziness.

What? Really? That’s still not enough? You want another party to go to on Saturday night?

Saturday Night PAXE Party

sat nite after party





LeaguePodcast & Rock On! Concerts present:

|Mega Ran | Active Knowledge (Boston8Bit) | Shane Hall | Gage | Weird Die Young|

This badasstastic music PARTAY is going down at The Cavern Club At The Hard Rock Café. Doors at 8pm EST, $10 to get in. Tickets here.

What? You want a Sunday night afterparty too? OKAY!!!

Sunday Night PAXE Afterparty

pax east after party

LeaguePodcast & Rock On! Concerts Present:

The Protomen
MC Frontalot
Br1ght Pr1mate
The World Is Square

This fantabulous shindig of WIN is happening at the Middle East Restaurant & Nightclub.

Doors at 7pm EST, $15 to get in. Tickets here.

Seriously y’all, if you don’t get enough VGM/chip jammage in & around PAX East this year (including the AWESOME PAX East main stage lineup HERE)

And if you can’t come, don’t be a sad panda about it! Just tune into geekbeatradio to catch the livestream of the FULL SCHEDULED JAMSPACE LINEUP (chip & VGM shows)& as much of the CHIPstage as they can grab! There’ll be *SOMETHING* PAX East broadcasting on the UR Fest channel throughout the whole party. GOOD TIMES.

I mean, srsly gaiz, THIS IS AN EPIC F*CKTON OF STUFF. We’re all probably going to survive PAXE 2013 this year, but JUST BARELY. 8) In other words…



Much \m||m/,
President Hoodie

EDIT: Just so this post has EVERYTHING (& just in case you don’t pay attention to the front page of the PAXE website… :3 ), here’s a schedule of the main stage acts as well!

Friday 3/22, 8:30pm – 1:30am:
| VGO | Those Who Fight | The Protomen |

Saturday 3/23, 8:30pm – 2am:
| Sam Hart | MC Frontalot | Jonathan Coulton | Paul and Storm |

Relevant linkage:
MAGFest Presents: Jamspace
B8B Presents: PAXE Chiptune 2013
B8B & ChipWIN Presents: CHIPstage
Saturday Night Afterparty
Sunday Night Afterparty

PAXE Main Stage Concerts
Chiptunes = WIN


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ChipWIN-tern Spotlight: Glitch Pop by MONODEER

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Ahoy! Welcome back to that thing I do here (writing stuff about chiptunes). You go ahead and do that thing that you do there (reading stuff about chiptunes) and everything’ll be great. Great? GREAT.

This time around, we’ve got a straight-up album review of Glitch Pop by MONODEER. You remember MONODEER, right? He did this awesome track for us on the first compilation!

The album is deceptive about its length – it appears to be fairly short, clocking in at only five tracks, but each track is fairly long, so you’re still getting a good chunk of album out of this. The best way I have to describe this album is it makes me think that it would have been a great soundtrack to a Game Boy port of the Shadowrun videogame of the early 90’s. In some parts, it’s that hard, punchy electronica that makes me think of a dance club in some sort of crazy, dark dystopian future where every third guy you see either has a robot leg or some sort of crazy eye replacement, and there’s all sorts of lasers and smoke machines and people dancing in glass boxes. In other bits, it feels more like traveling music, where you might imagine someone walking down the street looking like Adam Jensen and this is their personal soundtrack for looking incredibly tough and angsty. I’m quite partial to track 2, since not only does it exemplify the Shadowrun-yness I was talking about earlier, compositionally speaking it flows pretty well and has nice contrast between the tonal, in-key parts and the more atonal parts that follow as the song progresses.


Triangles are sexy.

It’s good times, and the whole album is right there to listen to. If you like it, it’s only four Euro, which…uh…man, I don’t know conversion rates, but I’m willing to bet it is still, in fact, worth the price regardless of your currency of choice. MONODEER also has a couple other excellent EPs to check out on his Bandcamp if you’re feeling frisky.

Win-tern OUT! Hopefully I’ll see you at PAX East this weekend! I’ll be palling around with the Boston8Bit/Geekbeat Radio crew, when I’m not convulsing like a five year old after eating an entire bag of sugar because of all the awesome stuff going on! Links below. Album further below.


Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Main Website | Bandcamp | Youtube |


ChipWin Track #17: Titan 2 by Kedromelon

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So you just listened to the meditative sounds of datacats and are feeling at ease, having found inner peace through the beauty in the simple things that surround us all.  However, just before you can truly ponder on that which is to come you feel yourself starting to snap back to reality!  You awaken from your gentle meditation, only to find yourself suddenly strapped into the cockpit of a badass star fighter!  Before you can even question what’s happening, the lights on the take off strip transition from red to green and you’re blasting off to your next destination: Titan 2!


Kedromelon is a man who knows what he wants and goes after it with full force!  Hailing from Titan (aka Maryland, the homeworld of other notable artists such as Compy Core), Noah Lemen studied music technology at NYU and has since become one the many bodacious and deftly skilled chiptuners to call the city his home.  Crafting aggressive, hard hitting music such as Sky Attack, Let it Glow, and my personal favorite, Recoil, Noah is a musician who composes refrain that instills vigor in anyone who listens, and keeps the pace going song after song.

As is the case with many other artists that have come before him on this compilation, Noah is capable of incredible diversity, and even took a break from making chiptune for awhile to work on another style of music that he excels at but is perhaps less known for: post-rock.  While he hasn’t produced as much music in this genre as he has chiptune, his skill as a composer shines through regardless.  Songs from his EP Demos and Old Stuff such as Reflections and his most recent post-rock single, Rails, reveal a sensitive, introspective and even forlorn aspect of this multi-faceted artist that many don’t seem to know about.

That being said, don’t let the hipster facade fool you: chiptune is most definitely Noah’s joie de vivre, as he has currently put aside all of his other projects to work with Tate Gregor, a fellow NYU alum and chiptuner known as PopSTAR, to form an epic duo known as CHILLBRAVE!

close enough

actual photo of CHILLBRAVE

CHILLBRAVE has yet to release a full EPs worth of music on either Soundcloud or Bandcamp, but considering what each artist brings to the table and what they’ve put out so far as a duo, they are definitely a force to be reckoned with in the scene.  If you’re digging Kedromelon in any way, this is definitely the act to follow to keep up with him.

Til next time.


Relevant links:
Kedromelon on Bandcamp
Noah Lemen’s post rock on Bandcamp
PopSTAR on Soundcloud
CHILLLBRAVE on Soundcloud


Post-Madicon Hype/Detox ChipWIN-tern Breakdown

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Heydily-ho, chipperinos! Now that my body has had a chance to recover from Madicon, I can finally take the time to tell you about Saturday, or “Hey, Let’s Put All The Chiptune Stuff On This Day” day.

Inverse Phase kicked off the day bright and early at 10am with his “History of Soundchips” panel, which I really recommend if you ever get a chance to go and watch it (he does this at most conventions he attends). It’s an overview of many of the different soundchips that have been involved in chiptune production through the years, from the various kinds of Atari chips all the way up through to the crazy personal computer chips like in the Commodore 64. I still can’t keep them all straight  – but he’s been doing this for 20 years, so he’s had a little more time to. That panel bled into his next panel, which was a talk titled “Making Chiptunes 101”. This is the other panel that he typically does whenever he’s invited to conventions – basically, he asks for a music suggestion from the audience, and then shows you how to write it using Milkytracker, which is a fun little PC tracker which is great for making chiptunes (you DO have to have your own WAV files to give it voices for the instruments, but those are easy enough to obtain.) This time around, he did “Crash As You Are”, a Megaman-flavored rendering of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are.” It was hilarious!

In other paneling news, DJ Cutman gave a really informative “How To Make a Beat” panel, demonstrating how to use Ableton to funkify yo’ remixes. The panel almost didn’t happen due to both the fact that Macs hate being compatible with literally anything and that there wasn’t an HDMI port for Cutman to hook up to, but thankfully datacats swooped in to save the day and they ran the presentation from there. He ended up taking Terra’s Theme from FFVI (or FFIII, if you’re talking about the American SNES port) and added some sweet hip-hop drums behind it. It’s a really great panel – there’s a lot of basic theory that Cutman goes over that is applicable not just in hiphop but in any kind of music you want to make. As an added bonus, he explained some of the major key features of Ableton above and beyond those pertaining to simple hip-hop funkification – all sorts of fun things like how to sync your beats per minute from one piece of your music to another, things like that. If you’re looking to start doing some legitimate mixing I’d suggest you  take a look here – I mean, sure, you’ve got your ProTools and your Fruity Loops and your Cubase, but Ableton is really intuitive. AND THAT’S NOT ALL – if you act right now (and by right now I mean whenever), you can actually get lessons from DJ Cutman! The panel he gave is actually a condensed version of an eight one-hour session Skype class that he teaches, so if you’re interested, shoot him a message on his Facebook!

The main events, of course, were the concerts. Inverse Phase and Cartoon Bomb did some sets during the day, which rocked as always, As an added bonus, DJs Cutman & Super Sonic, as well as datacats and Cartoon Bomb all “busked” in one of the open areas of the convention area as they were preparing for the evening. Datacats ended up DJing behind a fundraising event, followed by Cutman laying down some nice disco and house beats while the rave got set up. DJ Super Sonic took over the rave, making it all dub-tastic, but once again the room sought to thwart our fun and datacats swung in to save the day with his laptop. DJ Dr. Wily also made a brief appearance, though he managed to disappear before DJ Cutman got to the rave, of course.

So that’s it! Well, wait, no, that’s ALMOST it. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that Jon St. John, one of the most beloved members of the MAGFamily, was in attendance, and hung around during datacats’ set while he got his face painted by the folks at Tainted Reality (pictured below, photo credit Shawn Morgan). By the end of it he looked monstrous, which seems about par for the course if my experiences with him have taught me anything. And speaking of MAGFamily, there were many more of them rolling around the con! And many of us (myself included, of course) ending up having a miniature MAGStock at Bill Del Gallo’s house. Good times were had by all in attendance, lemme tell ya!

So basically: Do you like MAGFest? Do you like smaller conventions, where you can be a little more intimate with the guests (NOT LIKE THAT) and get to talk to them and learn from them? Maybe you should give Madicon a try next year.

WIN-tern out! We’ll be back next time with more Spotlight!



EDIT: Datacats himself caught an error in my attributions – Mike Peloquin didn’t take the Jon St. John picture, Shawn Morgan did! Mike’s actually the guy in the background of the picture. A No Prize for you, datacats!


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Sup y’all? =) Hoodie here. Lotta, LOTTA really epic weekends happening in the month of March this year. Seriously, SOOOOO MANY THINGS!! :O

And time to get started hyping those RIGHT ZOMBOFURKIN’ NOW:

8bitx Superhero Tournament Kickoff Show

8bitx superhero tourney








Kicking off this Saturday, March 16th AWESOME-A-PALOOZA will be Will Strouse & JT as they debut the station-wide, two-week 8bitX Superhero Tournament! From 4-6pm EST they’ll be running down the rules and revealing the full bracket live on the air, and all hosted from the venue where Game Over Baltimore is happening later that day!
It’s gonna be DAMN GOOD TIMES.


Nerd Rock Radio Presents: Phonetic Hero’s “Sliced Bread: UNCRUSTED!!”

ph - cover art










From 6-8pm EST, Sam Mulligan’s Nerd Rock Radio will be bringing you the DELICIOUS chipmusic center of the party! Sam’ll be hosting his first ever listening party for that crazypants crazy sonofagun Phonetic Hero!

This’ll also be the very first listening party hosted LIVE IRL AT CHIPWIN HQ (aka mine & ChipMom’s house in Arkansas) with Phonetic Hero and friends! This’ll be one for the record books in both the categories of AWESOME CHIPMUSIC & INSANE RIDICULOUSNESS.


MAGFest Presents: Game Over Baltimore

GameOverBaltimore11x17Starting at 8pm, the grand finale of the night is, of course, MAGFest’s latest entry in their touring concert series!

Featuring performances from:
Rare Candy
Random Battles
Inverse Phase

If you’re in the area, GO TO THIS GORRAM SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!! If not, stay tuned on 8bitx and catch the livestream!! =D





And that sums up the special events for THIS particular crazy weekend. Be sure to tune into the 8bitx stream chatroom and have some fun with our crazy asses! =D
Also, stay tuned for another post in the upcoming days regarding all the CRAZINESS happening in & around PAX East 2013!

EDIT: To further expand the wonderful craziness of the weekend, catch TWO MORE fantastic chipmusic listening parties on the subsequent days:
SSD Engage at 12:30pm EST on Sunday the 17th
softRESET at 9pm EST on Monday the 18th!


Redundant linkage:

8bitx Superhero Tourney Kickoff Show
Nerd Rock Radio Presents: Phonetic Hero’s “Sliced Bread: UNCRUSTED!!”
MAGFest Presents: Game Over Baltimore
SSD Engage Listening Party
softRESET Listening Party