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‘CheapBeats = WIN’ Full Review

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here, excited to introduce our multi-writer, full track-by-track breakdown of our latest compilation, “CheapBeats = WIN“, a fantastic collaborative release between CheapBeats & ChipWIN!

Yes, it’s another all-in-one review featuring multiple writers from the blog, much like we did for TWG’s ACC release. In other words, time to review ALL OF THE THINGS. 8-)

My silly little introduction completed, let’s move onward to the first 5 track reviews by the decidedly dashing DjjD! Enjoy!

Album artwork (smaller)


Stoking the Forge: MrWimmer – An Interesting Life

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Good morrow and glad tidings my fair fellow Chip-citizens!  This month, I’m pleased as punch to bring you a review of Mr. Alex Wimmer’s upcoming release via The Waveform Generators, “An interesting Life”!  Additionally, thanks to modern technology, I had the distinct pleasure of getting a few minutes of face time with MrWimmer to learn a little bit about the album.

10714669_10204673844785387_988008092_n“An Interesting Life” is the product of a year’s sweat and toil on the part of the artist.  While he encountered ups; he encountered downs, and he defeated all comers that sought to get in his path.

Was it worth it?  In my opinion, yes.  Hands down, yes.  The way MrWimmer’s meshed his voice with a jazz fueled fusion of chips, synths, and other instruments glows with that venerable lounge singer style.  So much so that after I finished my first listen, I honestly wanted to queue up some Sinatra.

Now, vocals typically imply that these tunes have lyrics. If you chose to engage in that little bit of applied logic, you’d be correct.  I inquired with MrWimmer as to whether there was a narrative to the album.  He responded that there was, and that it was preconceived.  When asked about it, he responded: “I creatively refuse to answer the question.”

Out of respect for that response, this review will focus solely on the musical aspects of the album. The lyrics are left to you, the discerning listener, as a personal experience to enjoy for yourself.


Hoodie Highlights… Kory Caldwell & Keaton Slánský of The Players’ Score!

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here with yet another special feature of Hoodie Highlights on The ChipWIN Blog! I’ve been on a roll with these lately, it’s true, but it can’t be helped! Too many awesome things worthy of highlighting happening at once.
What a life, what a life…. ;)

At any rate, this time around I’ll be chatting with not one, but two awesome individuals who are producing what looks to be an amazing documentary powerfully relevant to our combined scenes (yes, I’m interviewing the interviewers #DealWithIt 8-). The film is called ‘The Players’ Score: A Videogame Music Documentary‘ and the two folk heading it up are Kory Caldwell and Keaton Slánský! Enjoy!


Keaton Slánský and Kory Caldwell.


Raw Cuts with Kuma #23: Alex Mauer

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Hey, what’s up everybody!  Welcome back to RCwK!  I’m BronxKuma — Kuma for short — and this time around I managed to get a hold of a bonafide legend!  A founding father of the Philly scene, this guy’s been making tracker music for nearly 20 years and is proof that time, dedication, and hard work doing something you love can pay off in the long run.  Here to talk to us about his journey through chip, some of his more recent and notable projects, and the future, I’m proud to present my interview with one of the very best artists the community has fostered: Alex Mauer!

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