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ChipWIN-tern Spotlight: “Wordplay” by Chipocrite

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Happy almost MAGFest everyone! In order to get you prepped for the impending wall of chipmusic waiting for you in Maryland in but a few scant days, and as I am the longstanding president of the Paul Weinstein Fan Club/Bowling League (current membership: myself), it is my duty to report to you that there was a new Chipocrite release last month, and if you haven’t listened to it yet you done goofed. The good news is, we can fix that right now! Grab your fancy headphones, go to the comfiest place in your house/apartment/other domicile, and prepare to rock out to ‘Wordplay.’

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Chip Treatment with Professor Oakes: ‘PSYCHIC PIZZA CONNECTION’ by Diode Milliampere

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Greetings ChipWINers, and a happy start of 2015 to you all! As I hope you stuffed your little bellies with food on whichever religious or lack thereof holiday you may have celebrated, and your eyes nice and wide on achieving those New Year’s resolutions, I’d like to thank you for joining me on Chip Treatment with Professor Oakes’ first installment of the new year. 2014 was an amazing year beaming with wonderful releases, and I am happy to include Diode Milliampere’s 7-track album ‘Psychic Pizza Connection’ released in collaboration with FEELTRIP Records, as this album lands itself a spot on the list of heavy-hitters and notable productions that should certainly be on your radar. (more…)

Stokin’ the Forge: ‘Abinox III’ by lpower

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A warm welcome ChipWINners, and thank you for joining me for this first Stokin’ the Forge of the new year! The last month has been rife with great releases, and Lawrence Power (lpower) has helped put an endcap on an amazing year of chiptunes with the final installment in his Abinox trilogy.

a0286422819_2The idea for the Abinox project came from a desire to create an amazing ModPlugTracker setup for himself.  That setup combined self-ripped samples with his favorite sounds and duty setups for a variety of sound cards and consoles.


Office Hours #5 – Soleviio ‘Sonus Antiquitatum’

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Hello and welcome to a snow-filled1 winter edition of Office Hours right here on the CWB. I fully expected to talk about a more straightforward chip release this time after my previous review of Oldstyle’s ‘Baroque Remixes,’ but I lucked out with a new release from Soleviio titled ‘Sonus Antiquitatum: Sonata for Two Game Boys in F minor.’ This release is again closely tied to my teaching, as my students learn a great deal about sonata form in my theory classes. Before diving into Soleviio’s music, let’s have a quick crash course in sonata form, shall we? (more…)