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Chip Mom’s Kitchen #19: Greek Shortbread

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I really thought before that I had known what love is. It seemed like I would live my life with that preconceived notion never changing. I had dreamt of more, but accepted things the way they were. Then one fateful winter’s evening, everything changed…

cuddle the mixer

To get to know my new baby, I picked out a recipe with no surprises.  I didn’t want anything complicating our first moments together.  I leafed through my multitude of cookbooks and happened upon…

Greek Shortbread (more…)

Sladerfluous Reviews: ‘Pixel Tsunami’ by Jesse W. D. James

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‘Pixel Tsunami’ is the sleeper hit of early 2015.

This three track EP by Jesse W. D. James is an unrelenting wave of innovative chiptune music, artistic expression, and experimental composition.

Jesse W. D. James is a producer/composer with a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from Greenville, South Carolina’s Furman University. He has composed video game soundtracks for studios such as Zero Gardens and Plutono, as well as produced music with his dance/progressive band The Fire Tonight. Jesse also has an extensive video archive that features his work on YouTube, including ‘Pixel Tsunami’. (more…)

Office Hours #6 – Marshall Art

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Welcome to the February edition of Office Hours where class is in session even in the face of a massive snowstorm! Last week you were treated to an interview from President Hoodie with Marshall Art, and this week I have the distinct pleasure of reviewing their recent self-titled release.

Marshall Art is an international collaboration between NES master Jeffrey Roberts (jmr) and guitarist Mikhail Ivanov (streifig). Fresh off their performance at MAGFest 13, jmr and streifig have hit the ground running with the release of their new album ‘Marshall Art.’ One of the most interesting things about this duo is their wide array of musical influences – make sure to read Hoodie’s interview linked above for a comprehensive list. There are some predictable names on their list, but some of the more obscure and avant garde artists piqued my attention. Such a wide array of influences is indeed on display in each track of this album; time to dive in! (more…)

Glenntai Got: ‘Retro​-​Active Pt. 1’ by Keiji Yamagishi

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Many chiptune composers and enthusiasts alike will reminisce about their favorite video games and their soundtracks; oftentimes because of their soundtracks bringing such a large breath of life to the gaming experience.   Fortunately, thanks to a huge effort of many groups of people celebrating video game music, we have come to a point where we are celebrating the music and composers that helped shaped our youth, imaginations, and lives.  However, most to all of the contributions have been to primarily video game music, be it tributes to old or new content for (equally amazing) games.  While you would never find me complaining about this, part of me had wondered what would happen if one of the composers of what I considered “the golden age of video game soundtracks” were to make a new chiptune (or at least chip-inspired) album?

Apparently, legendary Famicom-era pioneer, composer and (coincidentally) an influence of my own personal musical tastes, Keiji Yamagishi (along with director Mohammed Taher) were already a few steps ahead of me, and after the jump I will explain to you how it feels to be given a gift by a legend.


Aydan Appreciates & Interviews: ‘Blood Eagle’ & Sabrepulse

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Sabrepulse is, arguably, one of the greatest pioneers of chipmusic. Two of his earliest albums, 2005’s ‘Famicom Connection‘ and 2006’s ‘Chipbreak Wars‘, can be considered as two of the foundational pillars for the chipbreak subgenre. Over the years, Sabrepulse’s style shifted slowly to a more drum ‘n bass influenced vibe, and with the release of ‘First Crush‘ in 2011, a much more modern influence could be heard in his music. Now, with ‘Blood Eagle’, his first of two releases in a three-and-a-quarter year hiatus, Sabrepulse shows us yet again just how well he can adapt to the modern music scene while showcasing his roots as a chipmusician. (more…)