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ChipWIN-tern Presents: An Evening With Alex Mauer

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I’m willing to bet a large majority of our reader base is familiar with Alex Mauer. but if not, let me direct you to the interview that our very own Kuma did with him last year. In the intervening time, in addition to a slew of other projects Alex did what might be the first of its kind – a chiptune score for a movie called Motivational Growth.

Released in October 2014, it’s the story of a depressed man who tries to end it all, only to find that the very filth he has cultivated in his apartment from his depression has come alive to try to get his life back on track (or has it?). It’s a very intense film – it’s got some blood and gore, and obviously the theme of suicidal depression isn’t exactly fun for the whole family, but it’s a hell of a film and something that really got to me personally.

I met Alex this year at MAGFest when we ended up sitting next to each other by chance at a large chiptune family dinner down at the Irish pub in National Harbor. One thing led to another while we were inhaling our food and suddenly Alex was willing to do an interview with the blog about Motivational Growth and the upcoming game Starr Mazer. I got in touch with him once both our schedules calmed down, and managed the following. Enjoy! (more…)

Hoodie Highlights… Marshall Art!

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here. After taking a month off for MAGFest craziness, I’m back with a brand new edition of my interview column, Hoodie Highlights! This one features a fun & informative chat with a lovely couple of bracketheads who just rocked faces at MAGFest 13 & released a killer new album!

Of course I’m talking about the dynamic duo of jmr & streifig of Marshall ArtEnjoy!

Marshall Art at MAG 13. Photo by GTX Media.

Marshall Art & Pixelseed at MAG 13. Photo by GTX Media.


Chip…WIN-tern’s Kitchen?: Cookies To Stop Your Heart(ache)

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What, you were expecting maybe Erin? No no, this Valentine’s Day, this is all me, and you and me are gonna have ourselves a good time with some cookies. Some chocolate chip cookies, and a bottle of Jack, and then I’ll get the bacon, and –

Alright, y’know, that’s just getting too weird. A master of seduction, I ain’t. Now, a master of cooking with liquor, well, that’s an entirely different story. Today, I’d like to bring you one of my absolute favorite recipes, one cobbled together from the internet and my own mind and one that I’ve kept a secret from all of my friends until this very day – my


Chris Considers: ‘Ember’ by Kubbi

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It’s hard to believe that it’s already been over two years since Kubbi (Vegard Kummen) released his last full-length album, ‘Circuithead’and just over a year since his legendary late-night live performance at MAGFest 12. Time sure does fly, and so does Kubbi. During the interim, the dynamic dragon whisperer has descended upon the Norwegian landscape in order to drop his most dramatic album to date, ‘Ember’.

Kubbi (more…)

Stokin’ the Forge: ‘Forever Online’ by Balloonbear

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A happy February to one and all in the ChipWIN Nation! This month, I have the distinct pleasure of Stokin’ the Forge with the smooth jams of Moscow’s own Balloonbear. His latest album, ‘Forever Online’ is a great mix of new tracks and friendly remixes thereof.

a1690631152_2Balloonbear began work on the album a little over a year ago. He had released his previous album, Prime, in July of 2012, and his friends in the Russian chiptune community were encouraging him to release something new. ‘Forever Online’ began to be compiled from a series of tracks Balloonbear had previously only played live.

Come the summer and the completion of ‘Datagoth’, Balloonbear felt that ‘Forever Online’ was complete. While finding a label that would take the album initially proved frustrating for Balloonbear, Barcelona’s independent netlabel Lowtoy saw the promise that’s plainly evident in the album.