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Aydan Appreciates & Interviews: ‘Tokyo Monogatari (EP)’ & sieken

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In the chipmusic community, new talent seems to pop up all the time. While these skilled musicians float under the “mainstream chip” radar, they never fail to convert at least a few dozen fans with their debuts and with each new release they put out. Enter sieken, a Swedish artist with a promising and unique style in what might be the most diverse sounding year chipmusic has ever seen. His debut EP, ‘Tokyo Monogatari’, was released on February 17th as an EP of his demo tracks, and its phenomenal sound attracted me to reviewing it today. So, let’s dive right on in! (more…)

Stokin’ the Forge – ‘Traveler’ by Hon’in Myo Audio

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Happy March to everyone in the ChipWINation!  For this month’s Stokin’ the Forge, I have the sublime pleasure of reviewing Hon’in Myo Audio’s recently released album, ‘Traveler’.

‘Traveler’ is easily one of the most atmospherically engrossing works of art I have experienced since I began writing for Chiptunes=WIN.  If you consider yourself anything of a music lover, just head on over to Honin Myo Audio’s bandcamp page and enjoy it. (more…)

The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews: ‘I Know This! (OST)’ by 4mat

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I was so excited when I received a notification from Bandcamp, informing me of a new soundtrack by 4mat. From the UK, he claims a unique style that makes him one of my FAVORITE artists ever, across all genres of music. His ability to be not only technically innovative in a sense where he literally creates his own space sonically, but also with his storytelling compositions, creates the perfect balance.  I knew he created audio for games, so knowing that his style would be melded to suit visuals for a soundtrack was enough for me to drop what I was doing and put everything else on the back burner. (more…)

ChipWIN-tern Spotlight: ‘Nebulae’ by Space Town Savior

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Here we are in a post Leonard Nimoy world, and all I (or anyone else it seems) can think about is space. People are constantly talking about Mars and what new things they find on it. Or there’s the dwarf planet Ceres, or this Earthlike planet Kepler 186-f. Hell, even ‘The X-Files’ is coming back to TV – so how fitting that Space Town Savior’s new (and final!) release ‘Nebulae’ is hot space-on-space, atmospheric trancey electronic goodness. You may, remember Space Town Savior from Volume 1 of our compilations – how wonderful it is now to get to talk about a full album instead of a single track!

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