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Chris Considers: ‘The Rocky Horror Chiptune Show’

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I didn’t realize it until now, but the fanbases of both the Rocky Horror Picture Show and chipmusic share more than a few similarities with each other. Both of them have a history that spans decades, over which time they’ve seen a steady growth in popularity, while remaining far from what I’d consider to be mainstream. Their respective fanbases, between which there is clear crossover or this album wouldn’t exist, both celebrate their art with a passionately creative DIY approach. ‘The Rocky Horror Chiptune Show’ is a collaborative achievement, which started as a live performance on 6/27, between Boston’s Rocky Horror shadowcast, The Full Body Cast, geekbeatradio, and a slew of talented chiptune artists and animators from the Boston 8-Bit collective. The album version was produced by my fellow writer on this blog, Jamie Billings (The Unicorn Princess). Everyone involved with this project, with their creative flair and style to spare, has really managed to capture lightning in a bottle here. This delightful reimagining of a classic has been released just in time to have it on loop at your Halloween party.


Sladerfluous Reviews: ‘Amicitia’ by SYUBIDUPIDAPAP

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WARNING: This month’s Sladerfluous is chiptune-adjacent. :)


I stumbled across ‘Amicitia’ during my monthly Scrooge McDuck-esque swim through my vault of yet-to-be-reviewed chiptune albums AND MY WORLD CAME TO A HALT.

I was swept up in afterimages of my own teen angst, driving around Winnipeg, Manitoba in my trusty RAV4 (named Rollie, obviously) listening to J-Pop and singing words in a language I don’t understand as loud as I possibly could while keeping my hands at ten and two (“But PixelRecall, ten and two is dangerous! If your airbag deploys, it’ll blow your thumbs off!” WRONG, gullible, concerned stranger! Mythbusters debunked that, so there.)

‘Amicitia’ is the latest from Indonesian group SYUBIDUPIDAPAP, and it’s pure heart. (more…)

Chip Mom’s Kitchen #25: In Soviet Russia, You Eat Vampire!

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Greetings, my little ghouls, spooks, and warlocks! It is once again the time of year to celebrate the spookier side of life: HALLOWEEN! And in honor of this auspicious time of year, I’m delighted to present to you a simple sweet treat sure to delight at any of your upcoming festivities:

Dracula Teeth Cookie Sandwiches



The President’s Manifesto: Beer & Chip Vol.7

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here with the first of my beer and chiptune review columns in quite some time! I know, I know; you’re all wondering, “Brandon, what in the hell made you think to knock the dust off that ol’ thing and bring it back?” In a few words:

Shitty Miller Lite and Bud Melvin

Why Miller Lite? Who cares. It sucks ( actually gives it a zero lol).

The lengths I go to for chiptune journalism....

The lengths I go to for chiptune journalism….

Let’s get on to the real reason for this article: the music. Specifically, Bud Melvin‘s latest release, ‘CNTRY & NESTRNT’.

bud melvin

Photo and design by Jessica Billey.


The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘[rr009] demi batard’ by Rhythmus Records

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Happy Wednesday, folks!

This month, I wanted to shed some light on a local record label, Rhythmus Records, and their newest release ‘[rr009], featuring music by artist Demi Batard. Rhythmus Records was created by Scott Buchanan, also known as Radio Scotvoid. Scott is the perfect person to have run a label focusing solely on lo-fi music, as his own releases showcase his dedication to synthesis and chip. I’ve been working with Rhythmus Records since last year, and have a lot of love for the label. I’ve been able to find a lot of unique artists through it, and believe it’s essential to bring attention to local labels and scenes.  I know RR was very excited about Demi Batard’s release, and given that there isn’t much music quite like his, I think you should be, too.

a1412068943_16Cover art by Ritzy Sheens