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Stokin’ the Forge: The Arcano MIDI NES Chiptune Synthesizer

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A warm and welcoming November to you fellow ChipWINners! This month, the fires around here are being stoked by something that isn’t an album. A couple months back, a Kickstarter campaign shared to the ChipWIN Facebook group caught my attention, the Arcano. The Arcano was described as a Arduino powered synth kit modeled off of NES sounds. My interest was primarily my own curiosity, but after conversing with the Arcano’s creator, I realized that it would be great to share the project with the whole of the community.

So join me past the fold as I take a look at the Arcano, and the creator of the project sits down to answer more than a few of my questions!

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Chip Mom’s Epic Fails #1: The Day That Frosty Died

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I have this wonderful book at home, Cooking for Kings: The Life of Antonin Careme.  Antonin was a pastry chef (and so much more) during the era of First Empire Paris.  He crafted room-sized sculptures from pastries and spun sugar to delight the likes of Marie Antoinette.  He’s the guy that the phrase creme de la creme was modeled on. He was the first Celebrity Chef.

If Antonin Careme saw what I wrought in my kitchen this past week, he would cry.

There is only one Antonin Careme, and, while I love to putter in my kitchen, I will never be him.  I mess up… A LOT.  Here is one such story.  This is the Day That Frosty Died.

Melted Snowman Cookie Fail

dead frosty


Hoodie Highlights… Andrew Kilpatrick [again]!

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie back again with another of my Hoodie Highlights interviews! Due to crazy life happenings (i.e. getting MARRIED <3 ), it’s been a few months since I’ve had the time to manage one of these enjoyable talks. And what better way to bring the feature back than with a follow-up chat with my good snarky Brit friend & initial Hoodie Highlights focus, Andrew Kilpatrick? Read along as we talk all retrospective-like, as Kilpatrick brings his 5+ years of awesome chiptune contributions to a close. Enjoy!

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ChipWIN-tern Spotlight: ‘LISTENCORE Vol. I’ by ap0c

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I realize that at the time I write this, everyone’s still probably in the throes of their Fallout 4 addiction, but assuming you can get your Pip-Boy to pick up the ChipWIN-tern Spotlight, I’ll be your Three-Dog for an evening so I can yell at you about everyone’s favorite polka-playing Philadelphan, ap0c. Back in August, ap0c dropped ‘LISTENCORE Vol. I,’ the first of what I hope to be many classical-inspired chiptune masterpieces. Pop open your Nuka-Cola and take a load off while we explore one of the raddest albums to drop this summer.