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Sladerfluous Reviews: ‘Young’ by Boy Without Batteries

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When you pump carefree, passionate, modern punk sensibilities through LSDJ, you get ‘Young’ by Boy Without Batteries. This pop-punk chiptune album released by Play It Loud is boisterous, exuberant, and will hook you immediately with send-off tracks that ooze feel-good dance beats like ‘Sophomore Year’:

Jump into the full review below as we go deeper into ‘Young’ by Boy Without Batteries…

Stokin’ the Forge: ‘Powers of Two’ by TRIAC

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A preemptive happy New Year to everyone in the Chip Realm! Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I had the luck of stumbling across TRIaC’s sophomore release, ‘Powers of Two’.  Hailing from Dresden, Germany, TRIaC’s been playing music live since 2009. Coming out a little more than a year after his first release ‘Eat your Bricks’, ‘Powers of Two’ showcases TRIaC’s growth both as an artist and as a master of nanoloop. There’s a lot to love in this album, so let’s hop the fold and get to the heart of the matter.

TRIAC - Powers of Two Album Art

Album art by Mario Hamborg


‘Bundle of WIN’ Full Review

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here, happy to bring you a track-by-track review of our latest compilation, ‘Bundle of WIN‘!

Chances are, you’ve either nabbed it via our debut Groupees bundle or on our Bandcamp page already. Which is great! Good job, you! =D

Now read some well written reviews from a couple of our talented writers, ViridianForge & Joe Eidson! Happy holidays! <3 ^_^ <3

Bundle of WIN Album Artwork (1000x1000) (more…)

Chip Mom’s Kitchen #26: Guinness Stew

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‘Tis the seasons for cool nights and warm bellies!  All around the ChipRealm folks are gearing up for winter celebrations with born family or chosen family.  As an addition to your table, might I suggest something a little different?  Grab your favorite crusty bread and belly up to…

Guinness Stew (more…)

Hoodie Highlights… Christian Blunda of Groupees!

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here with the final 2015 edition of my interview column, Hoodie Highlights! Wrapping up what has been a really fun series of discussions throughout the year, I’m chatting with another do-er of all the things, Christian Blunda of Groupees! Read on to learn a bit about the organization behind all of the magical music & gaming bundles. Enjoy!

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