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Kuma’s Quick Shots: Round 13

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Hey, everybody! Welcome back to Quick Shots: the album review column in which I break down a handful of new EPs, then give a quick and dirty TL;DR to help you determine if a record is worth your time.  This time around, I have two unique albums that are miles apart in terms of style and country of origin.  While one is the product of several artists uniting to produce something truly bombastic, the other is a culmination of a single person’s ambition to pay homage to the medium he holds so dearly.  So let’s not dilly dally any longer.  Sit back, relax, and indulge with me as I dissect work by presented by the world renowned Japanese chiptune & breakbeat label OthermanRecords and Canadian newcomer HOFFMAN_IV.

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Sladerfluous Reviews: ‘SPACE CORGI LP’ by Little Paw

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‘SPACE CORGI LP’ is the musical equivalent of pure happiness. Just look at this album cover.


If you’re not smiling, look at it again.

Now that you’re smiling, hit play on ‘WHAT KIND OF DAY HAS IT BEEN’:

Like what you hear? Then waddle your adorable little corgi butt over and jump into the rest of the album below…


Aydan Appreciates & Interviews: ‘Dimensions’ & Shirobon

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Hey ChipWINners! 2016 has been a breathtakingly impressive year for chipmusic. It’s not even the end of February yet and we’ve already seen amazing work from the likes of LITTLE PAW, Awesome Force, Conquer Monster, and many others. While there have been some rising stars and a lot of new talent hitting the scene, chiptune veterans are strutting their stuff as well, pushing our community into the brink of mainstream music culture. One such example would be the legendary Shirobon, whose most recent releases, ‘The Arcade Dream’ and ‘Infinity’, blew a lot of his impressive earlier work out of the water. Just last week, he released his latest work through Hyperwave Records, ‘Dimensions’, and it’s already been received with astounding applause and praise from the community. Let’s take a look at what Shirobon’s EP has in store for us!

shirobon dimensions


Bit by Bit: The Point in Thinking Positively

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Long time no see, friends!  I apologize for the lack of segments; in a slight irony I’ve been focusing on getting everything in my own little world back in order.  Now that I have, I’ll be alternating each month between these segments and reviews.  Hope you enjoy!

When you have seen enough of the Internet subculture and its effect on the current generations, it is easy to see how people will dive into the catharsis of some of the Internet’s less appealing pastimes.  Antagonistic and addictive, trolling and reflecting other forms of negativity onto the Internet allow catharsis to those in which somehow are (or at least feel) emotionally repressed.  What nobody realizes is the cognitive and emotional toll it takes on them, and how surrounding themselves with such negativity will hinder their viewpoints and actions later.

Are you curious as to what this has to do with music?  After the break, I’ll explain the point in thinking positive, and how it can affect your creativity and productivity.


Stokin’ the Forge: ‘Codex’ EP by Awesome Force

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Ahoy ChipWINners and a happy February Friday to one and all! I know I want to get psyched up for MAGFest, and this latest release by Sean ‘Awesome Force’ Baker is helping me do just that. Not with fist pumping melodies and foot stomping beats as one might anticipate, but with an ethereal sound with a broad emotional range that flows smoothly across the entire EP. With mastering done by Tri Angles, and contributions from Jason Doss and Auxcide to broaden the pallet, Sean’s talented compositions paint a complex picture. Take the jump past the fold to take a swim through the sound with me.

Album art by Rando Calrissian

Sweet album art by Rando Calrissian


The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews & Interviews: The Final I/O

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I’m back again for the second time this month, though this time, I’m here to talk about the last ever regularly held I/O. Held unexpectedly in the back of a busy bar in Bushwick full of the everyday mid-twenty Brooklyn inhabitant, nobody would suspect a chiptune show to roar from the back room of Pine Rock Box Shop. Reminded of a NYC version of Diagon Alley, I watched the room fill at 8:45PM, and I had the opportunity to meet so many kind people I only know from collecting records or from chatting online. Working together to create a creative and interactive environment for those around them, people danced, looked onto the artists’ setups, and most of all, stood as a collective with a strong love towards a vast genre, as the last monthly I/O came to an end.

Jessen Jurado, the show’s director, brought back original veterans of the first ever I/O to close out the last monthly one, hinting that, maybe, an I/O festival may be in the future. Starting with an excellent set of artists owning the open mic (Delphiki on Gameboy and drum pad in a skillfull and on point performance, Iron Curtain with two tracks on Gameboy [one being a birthday tribute to Radlib], Hedonism Bit showcasing Renoise chops, Flow Mein returning yet again to showcase Gameboy knowledge, Hunterquinn expertly running LSDJ, and Card Party amping up the audience even more with more intricate Gameboy beats). Goferboy, Kris Keyser, and Radlib all gave standing ovation performances (I mean, how could the crowd sit when we couldn’t all help but dance?), while diy_destruction and NO CARRIER provided excellent and interactive visuals. Better yet, this I/O landed on Radlib’s birthday, and seeing friends and fellow performers hop on stage and carry him around mid performance is solid proof that while we all want to create and have fun, it’s better to do so when you’re around the people who matter most.

So, without further ado, let’s hear more about the visualists and headliners of Friday’s event.