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Another year, another MAGFest. Ho-hum. Just a bunch of nerds together playing videogames in an overpriced hotel, I don’t get what’s so sp-


GUYS. I’M SO SORRY. Someone locked me in a basement and sent a robot clone to sabotage this article -all in an attempt to make you think that MAGFest SUCKS! DON’T LISTEN TO IT. MAGFEST IS BEST FEST! The person who is Adam Seats and is definitely probably not a robot clone is here once again to give you the rundown on all the great music you missed because you weren’t there/were there but were doing something else/were there but can’t remember because of REASONS.


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Chip Mom’s Epic Fails #2: A Tale of Not-So-Epic (Pro)portions

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So my father, in one of his many professional incarnations, was a chef for a catering company.  He loved to talk about the joys of fresh pasta, and all of my favorite cooking shows laud it just as highly.  So, when Christmas rolled around, I took a leap and asked for the pasta attachment for my Kitchenaid Mixer. Much to my joy it was received!  Now you get to glory in the not-so-glorious first attempt that is a…

Home-Made Pasta Fail

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The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘Portalion’ & Interviews Aliceffekt

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I am a born procrastinator who works very efficiently with an impending deadline, and maybe even subconsciously use this natural weapon as a way to complete tasks. This tool came in handy today; the past few weeks have been busy and I haven’t had a chance to really listen to a lot of the recent releases that have been coming out, until about 1:00PM on March 23rd.

I came across an artist who I have heard of only in passing, named Aliceffekt, who released an album called ‘Portalion’ on March 15th. After giving it a listen, I made sure none of my peer writers have this album on cue to review this month, and quickly claimed the review as my own.