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The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews: The Kick.Snare & PULSEWAVE Crew

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Happy June, folks!

The last month has been pretty insane for me. I just moved from Boston to the glorious concrete jungle of NYC for work, and part of my plan is to be closer to the scene here, and other great music scenes I love.  New York City is a breeding ground for inspiration if you look in the right places. There’s always something to do, someone playing a gig, someplace hidden that’s DIY filled with passion projects. There are young people and people who’ve become worldly throughout the decades, taking what they know and using it to hopefully inspire others. This brings me to this month’s article: I wanted to cast some light onto some of the people in these converted warehouses and buildings to showcase the positive difference they’re making with art, visuals, music, sound, and booking.

Last month, I had a really cool opportunity to play at a Kick.Snare event, held in Bushwick. The event is hosted and run by Kris Keyser (also known as ‘Onism’) and Christophe Richard (also known as ‘Note!’).  I’ve also had the opportunity to attend my first PULSEWAVE show, which was the second time I was at Babycastles. This article is about the last month and the kind people I’ve come across at a few NYC events.



WSIU?: Nanoloop 2.X

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Hey there readers!

So now that finals are finally over and I have way more free time on my hands, I decided it would be the perfect time to dive into another segment of What Should I Use!

For those new to the blog, WSIU is a series in which I take a chip-musician’s perspective on chiptune software and give it a review. Its meant to help those just starting out or those looking for something new to start up know what they’re getting into (rather than flailing around like, “ZOMG WTF DO I DO WHAT ARE THESE BUTTONS AAAAAAAA” etc, etc…)

This time we’re going into Oliver Wittchow’s ever-popular GBA tracker; Nanoloop 2.x, and its insane world of FM synthesis emulation. Let’s take a look at what it’s got!


Chip Bit Sid Takes On: Bitonal Landscape– ‘Electro Arcade Madness’

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This week’s review is on ‘Bitonal Landscape‘ and their latest album, ‘Electro Arcade Madness‘. BL is made up of two artists, Ludwig & Markus Highland, both creating music around the genres of VGM, Chiptune & EDM. Whilst I’d heard a little from their submissions to the Soundcloud group, Id yet to  form an overall opinion. Although that’s the beauty of music; some of the best you’ve never heard will sneak up on you! And, suffice it to say, ‘Electro Arcade Madness’ exceeded my expectations exponentially.



Chris Considers: ‘Galaxies Collide’ by Sparky+

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Greetings to you all, fans of chiptune. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all of the artists who have submitted a track for consideration for ChipWIN: Vol. 5! As Hoodie and the rest of the judges undertake the difficult task of preparing the album for release, I’d like to highlight a recently released EP that has caught my attention, ‘Galaxies Collide’ by New Jersey-based chiptune artist Sparky+ (Bruce Gil). Sparky+ has been releasing a  steady stream of straight-up lsdj bitpop tunes with a driving house beat for about a year now. In ‘Galaxies Collide’, Sparky+ has expanded the scope of his soundscape through the use of a midi tracker. This delightful and catchy selection of tracks is wrapped up in a galactic theme, which I’m always a sucker for. Hit the jump as we go ‘Beyond’…

'Galaxies Collide' by Sparky+


Sladerfluous Reviews: ‘Autre’ by xyce

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‘Autre’ by xyce is one of those “YOU GOT CHOCOLATE IN MY PEANUT BUTTER” moments if the peanut butter was a grassy meadow of adorable frolicking chip-bunnies and the chocolate was a giant head-bangin’ bridge troll shoulder-checking said bunnies into a mosh-pit style frenzy.



Get hooked with this intriguing mix with the title track ‘autre’, then jump into the article for a closer look at the full album ‘autre’ by xyce!

‘autre’ by xyce:


Volume 5 Progress Report

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here with a quick update to the progress of ‘Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 5′ along with some interesting thoughts from this year’s judging panel.

First up, as you’ve all probably noticed by now (what with our daily reminders and all〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜), the V.5 submission deadline has been extended from June 12th to June 19th. As of this publication, there’s a little less than a week remaining for all tracks to be finalized and submitted. So everyone, get ’em done and get ’em in! Once that’s wrapped up, we’ll begin the judging period of the project, which’ll likely take a couple of weeks to lock in. Don’t worry, I’ll entertain you with some quality #JudgesTweets during that process. ಠ‿↼

Regarding album artwork, how about a blurry sneak peek of the work in progress?

V.5 album preview

Rest easy, Nate Horsfall is proving himself a badass *YET AGAIN*.