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Sam Shares: ‘Double Density’ by an0va

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Hey there readers!

It’s been another fantastic month in chiptune what with all these crazy announcements and albums releasing like nobody’s business! One of which is the return of Thebasebit Recordings, who have been putting out some outstanding work as of late. This month, we’re treated to another great album. An0va is back with some Amiga based footwork in ‘Double Density,’ an album that comes as a surprise compared to his usual intellectual take on the chiptune medium through releases like ‘Ego Depletion.’ Let’s take a look at this interesting new direction he’s taken on, shall we?


Hoodie Highlights… Alexander Brandon!

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here bringing back my Hoodie Highlights interview column after a couple months off. Even I get a break every now and then, right? (^_−)−☆

For my return to the blog, I’m bringing both a very special guest in Alexander Brandon, a name that needs little to no introduction in and around our collective of collectives, as well a new focal point for at least the next few interviews I’m conducting: mental health.

It’s a very important topic that I feel we don’t discuss near enough publicly, especially in and around our scenes, which are brimming full of creative, often unique individuals. There’s a pervasive cultural stigma regarding mental health, and it’s one that needs to be done away with posthaste. Talking about it more often is one way to help facilitate that.

With that said, let’s get to talking!

alexander-brandon-interview (more…)

Sladerfluous Reviews: ‘C​:​\​>CHKDSK /F’ by MASTER BOOT RECORD

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‘C:\>CHKDSK /F’ by MASTER BOOT RECORD is, in a word, beautiful.


Individually, the sounds and tones employed by MASTER BOOT RECORD could be lazily considered harsh, hardcore, heavy, or metal. Make no mistake, I am not making the claim that they aren’t these things. I am imploring that you look deeper. Together, they twist and compliment in ways that are intrinsically beautiful in the most complimentary use of the word, offering an expectedly intense album that unexpectedly oozes grace and allure.

Delve into the full review below and drink in ‘C:\>CHKDSK /F’ by MASTER BOOT RECORD…


What’s On Tap – Petriform

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Welcome back to ‘What’s on Tap?’ where we explore all sorts of pleasurable sensory experiences and pine over the last days of summer. This month I have the pleasure to review an artist whose work I really enjoy (Petriform) and a beer style that is in perfect season right now (Oktoberfest). Combining these two will be certain to please, and I hope you will seek out both the album and some of the beers listed at the end of the review.

Released in August, Petriform’s latest album ‘Don’t Worry, You’re Great!’ is an uplifting and cheerful collection of 13 tracks packed to the brim with catchy melodies. One of the things that makes this release unique in the realm of chip music is the artful combination of chip sounds from Famitracker with guitar and vocoder-laced vocal tracks. Not every song features the voice – and Petriform includes the instrumentals in the full album download – but those that do contain lyrics that tell interesting stories, and the voice blends among the chip synth in a beautiful tapestry of sound.

'Don't Worry, You're Great!'
cover art by Petriform

Chip Bit Sid Takes on: Psycosis – ‘Mash Bandicoot’

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Sometimes in chiptune & VGM, you hear some of the craziest music. This time is now. This week’s album was something I found a while back when I was scouring through all types of VGM. ‘Mash Bandicoot’ is the insane experiment by British artist Psycosis, and is exactly what you’d expect. A mash up of all things Crash Bandicoot whilst combining hip-hop & rap. Sounds extremely ludicrous?

You’re right. It is. But for a Bandicoot fan like myself, it’s so so good!