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Hoodie Highlights… Stemage [again]!

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Sup y’all? =) In an attempt to actually keep my interview column the monthly affair it’s supposed to be, I return to you with the latest edition of Hoodie Highlights! As with last month’s edition, the primary talking point is once again mental health, a topic that’s likely going to be my focus for a good while now. If for no other reason that I want to keep talking about it, and think that maybe we should!

Today’s guest thinks similarly, so much so that he’s returning as an interviewee here for a second time! The poor soul…

Everyone, once again, welcome Grant “Stemage” Henry to the blog!


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Grant “Stemage” Henry & his luscious (not real) locks.


Chip Bit Sid Takes on: Zabutom – ‘Redux34’

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For this review I’m going back in time to last year with Zabutom’s ‘Redux34’ released via Ubiktune. Zabutom is an artist who resides in Gothburg, Sweden with his main styles being based around electro, vgm & progressive music, finally taking his roots from the swedish demoscene. Not tied down to a single instrument, Zabutom uses a variety of different hardware, ranging from the iconic game boys, to more technical musical instruments, such as FM Synths.



Chip Mom’s Kitchen #33: Ice Cream Bread

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Sometimes you want something sweet and you’re short on time. Sometimes you want something yummy and you’re short on ingredients. And sometimes you are Chip Mom, you are sick, and your kitchen is a mess. Whatever your pinch, today I offer you a delightful two-ingredient recipe that is as fascinating as it is delicious…

Ice Cream Bread



Sladerfluous Reviews: ‘The Lost Arcade’ by Gil Talmi

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Emmy nominated composer Gil Talmi recaptures the imaginative wonder of stepping into your first arcade with the soundtrack to ‘The Lost Arcade’, a documentary about Chinatown Fair, the last arcade in New York City, the people whose lives were shaped there and after its closure, the struggle to rekindle the lost sense of community through a re-imagined, updated arcade.


Watch the trailer and breathe deep into that sense of community you got from being a part of your local arcade:

Still hovering your quarter over the coin slot? Jump into the full soundtrack review below:


What’s On Tap – Norrin_Radd

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Hello and welcome to the October edition of ‘What’s on Tap?’ Your host is very excited about this month’s pairing as they are two of my favorite things – new music by Norrin_Radd and the double IPA. Both of these selections push the envelope of their style and are unique, intense experiences. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Matt Creamer is the mad genius behind the moniker Norrin_Radd, and his music has been influential to me in the years since I first heard his album ‘Anomaly’. His musical style tends to lean towards progressive rock and thrash metal, with plenty of complicated riffs and sudden mood shifts. Matt takes plenty of musical risks that usually pay off; where other artists might not explore such diversity in a short track, his music always seems to have a coherent trajectory.

The soundtrack for ‘Treasure Buster’ benefits from this approach, as most of the tracks are well under two minutes and still manage to cover a wide array of musical territory. ‘Treasure Buster’ is a game for iOS (and Android soon) developed by Reggie Schrieber with Pixel Licker Studios, described as ‘Zelda 1 meets pinball’ in the style of 90’s Capcom arcade games. While this review covers the music, I highly encourage you to follow this link to read more about the game and check out the videos!

Norrin_Radd 'Treasure Buster'