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What’s On Tap – Norrin_Radd

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Hello and welcome to the October edition of ‘What’s on Tap?’ Your host is very excited about this month’s pairing as they are two of my favorite things – new music by Norrin_Radd and the double IPA. Both of these selections push the envelope of their style and are unique, intense experiences. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Matt Creamer is the mad genius behind the moniker Norrin_Radd, and his music has been influential to me in the years since I first heard his album ‘Anomaly’. His musical style tends to lean towards progressive rock and thrash metal, with plenty of complicated riffs and sudden mood shifts. Matt takes plenty of musical risks that usually pay off; where other artists might not explore such diversity in a short track, his music always seems to have a coherent trajectory.

The soundtrack for ‘Treasure Buster’ benefits from this approach, as most of the tracks are well under two minutes and still manage to cover a wide array of musical territory. ‘Treasure Buster’ is a game for iOS (and Android soon) developed by Reggie Schrieber with Pixel Licker Studios, described as ‘Zelda 1 meets pinball’ in the style of 90’s Capcom arcade games. While this review covers the music, I highly encourage you to follow this link to read more about the game and check out the videos!

Norrin_Radd 'Treasure Buster'


Stokin’ the Forge: ‘Red Ocean’ by KRVKT [Russian Translation!]

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[Editor’s note: This is a Russian translation of an original album review penned by ViridianForge found here. Thanks to BleepLove for making this magic happen! ♥]

Октябрь уже за окном и ChipWIN и KRVKT предлагают вам небольшую помощь, чтобы скрасить это самое жуткое время года. Выпущенный нашими хорошими друзьями BleepLove, «Red Ocean» наполнен как энергией, заставляющей сердце биться, так и расслабляющими нервы риффами. И вместе все это приносит уникальное веселье, порожденное ужасом, и волнение от противостояния неизвестному.



Aydan Appreciates: ‘CHIP ZONE • #003’ by Ayoshutduff

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ChipWINners might remember Ayoshutduff from his tracks on volumes 2, 3, 5, and Celt-tunes, which were all quite memorable in their own rights. While he may have released a limited number of actual albums, his library of singles is quite expansive, both in quantity and in a stylistic sense. From bass-heavy hits to video game remixes and symphonic, atmospheric RPG-inspired sounds, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot that he CAN’T pull off. His latest album, ‘CHIP ZONE • #003’, is an aural journey with underlying tinges of nostalgia and an insatiable curiosity for space. Make sure to secure yourself in your seat, and ensure that your listening pods – be they external or semi-internal – are functioning properly. This is your captain Aydan speaking, and we’ll be reaching your tonal destination in 3…2…1!

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Kuma’s Quick Shots: Round 19

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Hey, what’s up, ChipWINners? Welcome back to the blog! This time around, I’ll be reviewing two amazing albums from two different rock acts.  One of them is a new band from the west coast that makes some incredibly heartfelt sadtune and emo.  The other is from an underrated artist from France who’s made an album that’s equal parts alt rock and synthwave.  Let’s not delay any longer. Sit back, relax, and plug in those headphones as I take the time to review work by Dad Mode and Le Xowar.

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How to WIN at Chiptune!

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Episode 0: A little about me

Hello! Auracle here, and this is How To WIN At Chiptune, my first contribution to The ChipWIN Blog! I’ve been helping out around the Facebook group as a moderator for a while, so it’s great to increase my responsibilities a little further! The goal of this weekly series is to equip you to become a more active and involved part of your local chiptune community, and to help bring chiptune out of tiny basement clubs and niche conventions.  To be clear, “win” doesn’t mean global fame and fortune; it means the ability to realise your vision and do the things that make you happy! I’m proud of the part I’ve played in the growth of my city’s scene (Manchester, UK) along with my friends at GameFace and I’d like to share some of that useful experience with you. Before we jump in, let me tell you a little about myself and how I got to this point. Context! ⊂((・▽・))⊃

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Photo courtesy of Chiptography: Auracle @ Superbyte 2014