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Aydan Appreciates: ‘Rogue Singularity’ by Derris-Kharlan

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It’s been a hot minute since I’ve heard the name Derris-Kharlan, so when Brandon notified me that an indie game with a soundtrack by this seldom-featured artist had been released, I was intrigued. I was quite excited to see what the project is all about, and wanted to familiarize myself with some of his previous compositions prior to this review. In perusing his Bandcamp page, I found the bizarrely comical Sonic Art series, a track released through the GameChops label, and I was reminded of his track on the classic ChipWIN Expansion Pack. Needless to say, his releases are few and occasionally far in-between. The excitement I had for this album spurs, however, from an iconic chipmusic album I love deeply – Ubiktune’s 2010 ‘Wintertunes‘. Derris-Kharlan’s contribution, ‘Reconciliation‘, is a piece that has always been special to me. It would play on my commutes to my college courses, or while I was studying or heading to work when I was just getting into chipmusic. I’m excited to have the opportunity to review ‘Rogue Singularity’, and I’m prepared to see what lies beyond the shroud of the stars!