8-Bit Banter with DjjD: Ugress ‘n Bits

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Hey all, DjjD here.

Been a while since my last post here at Chiptunes = WIN HQ. After a fallout with a couple of interviews; a couple dozen hours spent in a digital audio workstation… one finds oneself stuck in a pickle. Thankfully, playlists are heroes. When you least expect it, you’ll find one song that you like… and start replaying all the memories from when you first heard it. The power of music, right?

Ugress, is friggin’ crazy. With an ever growing list of amazing tunes (396 currently on his Soundcloud), he’s certainly a diverse fellow. While I initially started listening to his music due to my love of all things “Spider Man“, I learned that was just the beginning of the rabbit hole.


What I was most interested in was when I encountered his ‘bleep-bloop’ chiptune side project codename, ‘Ninja 9000‘. Via this alias he spawned 3 EPs: ‘Bit Collapse’, ‘Bit Escape’, and ‘Bit Awake’. ‘Bit Awake’ is the newest installment but considering these are all 20 mins or less, it might be best if I just covered them all!

Bit Collapse‘:

This album has a very raw feel to it, but in a good way. It utilizes noises from the Amiga and C64 from how it sounds. Some of the songs have vocals but I gotta say for me, it’s all about the song “Katoku Pokus”. That pluck mixed with a dreamy arpeggio and finally filled out with guitar chugs and slides: beautiful. Parts of this make me think of SMILETRON, not by sound, but by that abstract yet cohesive idea that can only really be heard by listening to the full song. It’s a journey, and if you start, you gotta finish out the ride until that train stops.

Bit Escape‘:

Wow, this album already has a much darker feel, right off the bat. It feels like an ominous, future world, one that has been overcast with the stench of decay and corrosion for over 200 years. Society has been threatened for ages, ever since the dawn of the *insert creative alien name here*, because of the fallout caused by *insert apocalyptic event here*. Really interesting stuff. Trekking through bleeps and bloops never felt so mysterious.

Bit Awake‘:

This one is much more upbeat from the get-go. You’ve synth guitars wailing and a random face staring at you via the mesmerizing artwork. Gotta say, this is probably my favorite out of the 3. Can’t help but groove to the 2nd track, “Vaporform”. It has such an eerie yet danceable feeling and only continues throughout the rest of the EP. “The sun rises over a vast canyon, for the people are now growing healthy; aware that their enslavers are destroyed, they start a new life, one of peace and prosperity.” Got all that from “Raster Curtains”.

These are ALL free tunes and all are very well worth your time. This artist is awesome and so are all of the songs from all of his personas. If you’re looking for music that tells a story, I’ve just painted a picture but…this is but one perspective. You could experience the same adventure and have the same set of tools but ultimately tread a different path. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

GMM/Ugress/Ninja 9000: Home Site | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


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