8bitLA and 8bitSF Presents: Freq.Fest.NorCal!

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Greetings, readers! It feels like it’s been quite sometime since I posted a pre-show hype article, and what better time to do it than this summer season? Whether it’s keeping busy by reviewing rad albums that come across my radar (here’s my latest!), doing visuals for shows that have transcontinental coverage by Chiptunes = WIN’s very own Adam Seats, or attending MAGFest’s first West Coast expansion event, MAGQuest, there’s certainly never a dull moment in the life of the Prof.

As 8bitLA’s two year anniversary has passed, the cohesive team composed of Kevin “Wizwars” Martinez, Jesse Avila, Rob Duffy, Terence Calacsan, Tim Abad, Jamie Cristal, Calvin (redacted) and myself, have smashed noggins together in the height of the Freq.Fest era and will be invading San Jose, CA with 8bitSF to present the inaugural edition of Freq.Fest.NorCal, taking place September 11–12 at SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery!


Illustration courtesy of Jesse Avila

Boasting nearly an all-California eclectic roster of talented chipmusicians and bands, the lineup includes Astroskeleton (LA), Boaconstructor (WA), Cartoon Violence (OAK), Clover & Sealife (LA), Crashfaster (SF), Curious Quail (SJ), Cyclops Rock (LA), Everything Goes Cold (SF), Grimecraft (SF), Here Between You Me (LBC), Kevin Gnartinez Band (LA), Paladin Shield (LA), Petriform (SJ) and Slime Girls (LA).

As if that wasn’t enough to rustle your jimmies, DJ Mr. Smith (SJ) will be satisfying earholes by spinning curated tracks between acts, and VJ Noukon (SF), Tim Abad (SF/LA), VISMANCIENNE (LA/SF) and more TBA will be invading guests’ optical canals with visuals.

This event is all ages, $10 per night and will enforce a STRICT no harassment policy.

8bitLA looks forward to having you, and keep your eyes peeled in the forthcoming weeks for a Freq.Fest.NorCal artist sampler to be released on the 8bitLA Bandcamp!

That’s all folks — Professor Oakes signing off!

Freq.Fest.NorCal: Event Page
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