A quick message to *ALL* who applied for MAGFest 11

- Posted September 11th, 2012 by

Just a quick post to say a HUMONGALOUS *THANK YOU* to any and all chippers who applied for MAGFest 11 this year. It was HANDS DOWN *THE HIGHEST* number of chip applicants *EVER*, which is a landmark to be *DAMN* proud of in and of itself!!! =D Unfortunately, MAGFest can’t quite bring ALL OF THE BANDS/ARTISTS to it, so all who weren’t invited to play please keep that in mind, alright? =)

And *STILL COME*!! MAGFest is a *BLAST AMONG BLASTS* and *THE BEST* way to bring in the new year! =D Among good times there’s also a huge opportunity for some nerdy networking! And who knows what awesomeness could come from that (gigs, new friends, new love, FREE BEER, etc)!! ;D

Much love as always,

P.S. ‎*ALSO*, something awesome that a coolass dude pointed out on the Chiptunes = WIN Fb page:

“Nothing’s stopping you from performing anyways! Ample opportunity to wow passersby with your art.”

Personally, I don’t know how many times I’ve seen chippers at MAG/other fests/cons sitting in hallways, in room parties, at tabletop gaming, etc. playing their jams for any/all curious to stop by and check out. And there are *A LOT* of people wandering MAGFest for the duration of the weekend (6000 total at MAG X, and that’s 3000 more than the previous year at MAG 9!). Something to keep in mind. =)

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