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Leveling Up Your Artistic Identity – Episode I: Building a Foundation

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If you’ve already endured the rigorous gauntlet of refining your sound and discovering your creative voice, then you’re in luck! You have already done the most difficult part. If you’re not quite at this stage, don’t worry—writing and production will be touched upon in another article series. If, however, you’re ready to get your music in front of people and take your project to the next level, this series is right up your alley. Leveling Up Your Artistic Identity is a episodic column that delves deep into the fine minutia of topics like how to build a marketing strategy, how to get your music in front of new fans, and how to grow your professional network. In this first installment, we’ll explore how to set the stage for your budding project and, armed with that knowledge, know how to choose an appropriate name.