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2016 has been an truly eventful year, with both positive & negative things happening all around us. Chiptune has been a huge part of this year, especially for me. I have reviewed so much music that I was practically reviewing a new album every other week, so it’s obvious that I would have come across some chiptune music that didn’t quite hit me, but when taking another listen later on down the line, a few gems have blown me away. To sum up, here are 3 songs that have grown on me over the year 2016.

Pigeon Shit – HarleyLikes Music

When reviewing ‘1.5’ by ‘HarleyLikesMusic’, the 2nd track ‘Pigeon Shit’ didn’t have the same impact as the album’s signature track, ‘Super Dooper Double Dooper’. I found the distorted tone a bit hard on the ears and the shrieking sound from both pulse & wav channels like fingernails to a chalk board. I also didn’t like the fact there wasn’t as much bass. After taking time listening to it again, ‘Pigeon Shit’ really grew on me. One major part that really took my fancy was at 2:15 where Harley cuts the tempo in half, allowing ‘Pigeon Shit’ to breathe, holding its own with ‘Super Dooper Double Dooper’ as one of 1.5’s best songs. ‘Piegon Shit’ is from HarleyLikesMusic’s album ‘1.5’ and was released via Cheap Beats.

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 GON GET GOT – An0va

Before reviewing An0va’s ‘Double Density’, I found it incredibly hard to listen to, especially with its opening track, ‘GON GET GOT’. The music genre, ‘Chicago Footwork’ wasn’t known to me prior so I found it hard to listen to the minimalistic style of the drums mashed together with Amiga chords & samples. I’m glad I gave it time to sink in because ‘GON GET GOT’ is like trying out a new beer; it takes time to appreciate the layers hidden behind the aroma. I found the mix of simple clicks & beats simply sublime with An0va’s style something I’d never heard before in the chiptune genre. It was a nice addition to my collection and actually one of my favourite tracks of 2016. ‘GON GET GOT’ is from An0va’s album ‘Double Density’ and was released via The Basebit Recordings.

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The Slickest – Galaxy Wolf

I must admit I didn’t feel for Galaxy Wolf’s track ‘The Slickest’ due to its slow pace and how the bass was outshone by the bright rhythm of the lead through volume & tone. I’m glad I gave it a second chance because the unique style that Galaxy Wolf has brought to ‘The Slickest’ is utterly incredible. Especially at 1:49 where the lead & bass seem to send the rhythm into overdrive, messing around & noodling about until the end. I love the interesting instruments created for the track, bringing new sounds & styles into the mix. I also found the drums eclectic & energetic, creatively mixed into LSDJ’s stock samples. ‘The Slickest’ is honestly the one song that really grew on me the most this year and absolutely deserves your attention. ‘The Slickest’ is from Galaxy Wolf’s album ‘Detonating Star System’ and was released via Cheap Beats.

Galaxy Wolf
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I hope you enjoyed my second takes on these tracks of 2016. I really felt that with time they really grew on me, and each one has a unique & creative style that deserves a second listen. With that said, I am really looking forward to 2017 and seeing what it brings.

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