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Unfortunately no ‘4 smalls songs’ this month, instead I’ll be looking at Chema64’s VIZIERS. A bit of context, Chema64 is an LSDJ artist who resides in Mexico City, Mexico. For his music he solely just uses Nintendo Gameboys, creating a mayhem of different sounds. As well as that, Chema64 also founded 56kpsrecords, a netlabel whose goal is to promote chiptune music. Before I begin reviewing, this is the first time I’ve listened to Chema64’s music and I must say it is probably one of the most hard hitting, glitched music I’ve heard, all whilst still containing a groove through out and pouring some sweet WAV dubstep into the mix. It’s hard to believe that all this music has actually been done entirely on LSDJ.


Artwork done by Chema Padilla

Straight off the bat, VIZIERS starts off with one of its best songs on the album, ‘s u n s e t’, and begins with a raw arpeggio, feeling like rays of heat coming on of a barren desert. One of the things which keeps you listening to ‘s u n s e t’, is the fact it holds the beat through its use of grime & glitch, in which the WAV channel is heavily used to create as sound full of doom. It’s the strongest song off the album, not relying too much on wobbles and drills that dubstep is known for, but instead relying on its arpeggio hook. This is one of the things I like about Chema64, as even though his music is hardcore as hell, he manages to convey a good balance between melodies, leads, & the glitchy dubstep.

Following on from that, and raising the bar, is the second song, ‘Dataslave’, which has some interesting use of the drums samples to create fills that sound almost like clockwork. The continued use of the WAV channel sounds like a robotic voice and really helps convey the themes of Dataslave as being a prisoner of technology. My favorite part has got to be the hook reach at 0.57 which leads into the chorus. It’s fantastically chaotic; A great combination for when you’re driving on the road at night.

To compliment that fantastic array of robotic sounds is ‘Neon Geisha’,  a hard hitting & heavy, yet dancy song. The signature robotic voice is there to take care of the monstrous beats, whilst the main melody plays against the dancy vibes creating this mix which switches from dancy to monstrous, robotic dubstep. Probably the most hardcore track off the album, ‘Neon Geisha’ also features incredible layering in LSDJ, with each channel weaving within the others, whilst the drumming carries the beat.

And now we now go to my final favourite song off the album, which is ‘Wintermvte’. It begins with a great, arpy introduction over the top of some trappy snare drums and claps. The intro lasts for about a minute until the fat, dirty dubstep wobble (done on the WAV channel) kicks in at 1.07 to full effect. It’s mixed and balanced extremely well, with both sounds playing off against each other.

After listening to VIZIERS, I can say that Chema64 really handles dubstep, glitch, & grime extremely well. It translates fantastically into LSDJ, with nothing forgotten or lost. Whether you’re a big fan of MDK’s (Morgan David King) dubstep music or Knife City’s Precious Jewel (as both do dubstep, grime & glitch very well), you’ll become a fan of Chema64’s VIZIERS.

S U N S E T & Dataslave

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