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Hello guys! It’s good to be back bring another helping of Four Small Songs! Last month was it’s first outing and I got a lot of good feedback from the small artists that I featured. In case you missed out, Four Small Songs is a monthly article series which features music from the unknown artists, who can’t get quite out there. All the music is sourced from Chip Bit Sid’s sound cloud group. If you wish to see your music featured add your music to the group!

Now with that out of the way, Let’s hit the tunes!


1. Quiet – Hello World!

Kicking off Four Small Songs with a huge bang is the fantastic song, ‘Hello World!’ from Quiet, who makes music solely using the Sinclair ZX Spectrum (AY-3-8912\YM2149 sound chip). One of the things that quite astounding was the fact that Quiet recently came onto Soundcloud, and this beautiful song was the first tune he uploaded. ‘Hello World!’ was first shown at Artfield2015 where it won first place, and for good reasons! ‘Hello World!’ opens up with a bouncy beat through use of snares and a bassy pulse, and is followed by a high pitched melody. This then morphs into a cute, sporadic arpeggio in the key of D. I really enjoyed listening to this song; you can tell how heartfelt & beautiful it is through just its keys, and, based on this song alone, I’ll be following Quiet to hear what he does next.


2. DunningKruger – Nanostep

After opening up with such a melodic tune, let’s bring it down a bit with ‘Nanostep’ by DunningKruger, a chipstep song done entirely in Nanoloop via the phone app. DunningKruger is an artist who is based near me in Manchester, and mainly focuses in making dubstep & trap. However, since finding out that Nanoloop (a 32bit sequencer) is out on android, he has been constantly experimenting on it, learning how to create music on the audio sequencer. ‘Nanostep’ is an extension from what he has learnt, using tricks to create a ‘chipstep’ style track. The song is just over 4 minutes long and features some fat, bassy wobbles going over some ringing arpeggios & filtered bass. ‘Nanostep’ is the perfect example of what Nanoloop can do and reminds me of many other albums like Nanode’s Loopy, which utilizes the sequencer extremely well. Since making ‘Nanostep’, DunningKruger has now purchased his own gameboy and plans on using Nanoloop further.


3. Felix Sundberg – Amiga Flashback

Now for something done on some classic hardware! ‘Amiga Flashback’ is track by Felix Sundberg, (who is based in Stockholm, Sweden) and has been created in the style of the Commodore Amiga. This is a hugely smooth song, lasting for over 3 minutes and feeling almost like a love letter to the Amiga. As soon as its trademark keys ring in your ears, it captures you, and, along with its mesmerizing bass & slowly drum beats, creates one powerful track. I have such huge respect for the Commodore Amiga (so much so, that I recently bought one to tinker with) through its impact within the demoscene (a strong community from the 80s/90s). Listening to ‘Amiga Flashback’ further strengthens that feeling.

Soundcloud | Linkedin | Downloadable off Soundcloud 

4. EA Skeezy – Windy Dagger

For the final song I picked some really well done Simchip. ‘Windy Dagger’ by EA Skeezy, who resides in Milkaukee, Wisconsin. Skeezy’s style is about taking chiptune and fusing it together with chilled out EDM, and it works extremely well, with everything from the bass to the melody balanced, so that they’re not all fighting for the peak. Even though Skeezy uses the same structures for the melodies, bass & drums throughout the duration of it, the uplifting feeling from the song negates this. It’s a brilliant song to have in the background whilst you’re travelling, and to end on!

Soundcloud | Downloadable off Soundcloud


That’s a wrap! Thanks for reading!

That came round pretty quickly! I want to thank each and person who gets to the bottom of this article, for spending some time listening to the chiptune artists that are featured on here. See you next month and have a sweet christmas!

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