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Hello chiptunerds! It’s good to finally get back to ‘Four Small Songs’! I wasn’t able to post last month unfortunately, but that didn’t deter people from adding their music on the soundcloud group. This month has had some fantastic songs, so relax, put your feet up & enjoy some fine chiptune, circa 2016!

Let’s do this thing!


Ap0c – Reality Medication (Famicompo Pico Original)

Ap0c has established himself as a fantastic chiptune artist, so to see him on here is obviously a no brainer. ‘Reality Medication’ is a song which has been created using the soundchip from the NES as well as the Konami VCR 6, which adds 3 extra channels to the console. Right off the bat, you can hear the warm sound of the NES as Ap0c builds up the long intro using arpeggios & a solemn lead. Throughout the song there are many changes, both in style & emotion, epsecially at ‘1.46’ when Ap0c takes it to an extremely funky route, with a kooky & unique lead. Reality Medication is progressive chiptune at it’s finest.

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Tekmann – Jump On!

Moving away from the NES system, we have Tekmann and ‘Jump On!’, a track created on a gameboy using LSDJ. Just like it’s title, ‘Jump On’ is incredibly bouncy, featuring a pulsating bass & a punchy lead which noodles about. Whilst the bass wanders underneath, the kick further helps emphasize the instrument’s sound. Throughout ‘Jump On!’, Tekmann experiments with LSDJ, playing a variety of different melodies & using his knowledge of the software. Impressively, this is Tekmann’s 2nd song as a chiptune artist, so it’ll be interesting to see what he brings to the table when he releases an album in the future.

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Strodon – You & Me

Next up is ‘You & Me’ a fantastic Edm track by Strodon. It starts with an utterly brilliant intro using a wet & distorted lead, sounding almost like drum & bass track (especially with it’s filtered drop). However, instead of full blown bass we generally reserve for DnB, we’re given a rather bouncy bitpop tune, mixing itself well with the style from the intro. The elements Drum & Bass do return, however, especially at 1.30, which is used to build up for a tremendous & epic drop. If you’re into your Rymdkraft, then you’ll definitely love this track.


Amplitude – Initialize

To close this selection of tunes, we have ‘Initialize’ by Amplitude Problem. Taking inspiration from the demoscene, Amplitude Problem sees creating music in the same way as coding, using a Yamaha DX7, Moogs & other SID chips to create his tracks. ‘Initialize’ begins with a wet bassy lead, shortly before going into some punchy & upbeat drumming, the snare heavily coming through whilst at the same time, pushing the track along. As well as the drumming, Initialize also contains a real wet synth lead, the legato in its note changes feeling really pronounced, as well as its vibrato. Out of all the Edm songs here, Initiate feels like the most traditional, due to Amplitude Problem’s close association to the demoscene.

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So there we are, the third installment of ‘Four Small Songs’ done & dusted! I hope you liked all these songs and perhaps found some new artists to enjoy. If you fancy adding your music to ‘Four Small Songs’, share your music on the Soundcloud Group. See you next month!

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