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Chiptune is not a place for the lazy man, with people all across the world creating astounding beats, either through retro hardware or invoking their love for nostalgia through modern equipment. Unfortunately due to the pit of music we all start in, the majority of all these songs sadly remain silent with only a handful of people listening to their glory. So because of this, I decided to start a Soundcloud group. A little vault where people can upload their hidden gems. From there, I select four awesome tunes that you wouldn’t normally hear.

So anyway, let’s get right into this!


1: Slothfella – Cloudbang

Since starting the Chip Bit Sid soundcloud group, I’ve found some real diamonds, but few shine brighter than Slothfella’s ‘Cloudbang’. It starts with a fantastic filtered introduction, with no bass at all. Some intricate drums kick in and ‘Cloudbang’ is propelled into cheerful breakbeat styled music, complimented with a heavenly lead. Everything bounces off each other extremely well, and really pushes the feeling that you’re soaring through the clouds. This is ever more true at 2.19, when the song is blasts into a crescendo, complete with all feels and emotions. ‘Cloudbang’ is a great song to start off this monthly collection and is a top chiptune track, utilising plently styles such as, synthwave, (for example; Timecop1983’s Faraway) whilst still keeping to the routes of chiptune.


2: Den Glada Paraden – Tokfralla

Seeing as we started this collection with a killer song, let’s follow this trend with a real bouncy tune from Den Glada Paraden, titled ‘Tokfralla’. This song doesn’t dally about and instantly kicks in with a likeable lead, reminiscent of ‘Xyce‘ or even ‘Theme Hospital‘ (hopefully you’ll get the same idea as what I’m getting). However, unlike those two styles, ‘Tokfralla’ has had its energy racked up to 11 on the scale, taking inspiration from the wet sound of the amiga. The drums are also extremely tight throughout, the pacing & beat hit perfectly.


3: BHRG – Rare Machine

Moving on from the crazy energy of ‘Tokfralla’, we move onto BRGH’s ‘Rare Machine’ and take a step into the funky retro style of the DMG Game Boy. ‘Rare Machine’ comes in straight off the bat with a catchy melody, the fantastic unique blend of jazz and blues  puts it on par with PROTODOME’S music, such as ‘Radish Rock‘. ‘Rare Machine’s drums are also really tight, rolling and clashing well with the bass and melody. However as soon it hits 1.40, the songs music style completely changes into an epic, classical piece, reminiscent of Shovel Knights opening theme, ‘One Fateful Knight‘. Until seeing this, I thought PROTODOME was the only jazz musician to do chiptune, but, fortunately, I was proven wrong!


4: Josh Query – Space Shuttle

For the final tune of this collection, I thought I’d go for something different than the chilled & uplifting style of the previous songs. So, let me introduce you to Josh Query’s ‘Space Shuttle’. This song is a ferocious little piece conceived on two Game Boys. It begins with a slow tune, which morphs into a dangerous beat played out on the WAV channel. It progresses gradually, with its style sounding like a housey rendition of Chipzel’s Super Hexagon’s, ‘Courtesy‘. The drums, too, are fantastic, with parts which flesh out some cool fills. Josh Query’s ‘Space Shuttle’ is a great epic tune to end, though I must say that I certainly wouldn’t like to be the ship (it sounds rather dangerous)!

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So that’s it!

Finito! That’s the end of the collection and closing the dusty vault of Chip Bit Sid. However, I will be back next month to feature some great chipmusic for the festive period!

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