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Hey friends! Chip Bit Sid here back for another chiptune review. The last two articles I wrote were huge so today, I’m going back in time to review a small, yet potent EP that I’ve kept coming back to all this year. Get ready to enjoy L-tron’s ‘Voyage’, featuring the artist known as Rockman.

Compared to most chiptune artists, L-tron is very ‘house’ orientated, using LSDJ to focus on repetitive & slow changing hooks instead of the conventional means that everyone else follows. L-tron’s style reminds me of Robtka’s house style, as both lend themselves to melodies whilst keeping the same rhythm & hook. It’s a housey ‘vgm inspired’ take which both L-tron & Rockman’s tracks closely follow, whilst still keeping to the LSDJ aesthetic (no laptop wizardry here)!

The first track takes it’s name from the EP and is called ‘Voyage part I’. This is also the track which features L-tron’s friend Rockman, who does a lot of L-tron’s mastering, so it’s completely understandable he’d collaborate with him. As soon as ‘Voyage Part I’ begins, you’re immediately introduced to some extremely innovative drums. There’s a heavy use of toms used here, whilst also using claps & snares together to really bring the snap of the sound together. As well as that, some simple yet effective usage of the pulse channels merges together, almost perfectly with the drums & rhythmic square bass sounds that also roll right under the melody.

The introduction of ‘Voyage Part I’ is extremely effective at hooking you in with both the drums & melody. Once the track gets to the ‘1:30’ mark, it kicks itself into overdrive with enhanced use of distortion through both the pulse & WAV channels. All the sounds seem to mash together to create one hardcore symphony.

This the best song off the EP in my honest opinion, mainly down to the fact of how hard hitting it is, as well as it’s aggressive tone in the WAV & V cmd soaked Pulse Channels. It really did indeed have a bite to it.

‘Voyage Part II’ features just L-tron and is much different in its rhythm & energy. I particularly enjoyed the main melody of ‘Part II’; the rolling arpeggios noodling about at ‘0:52’ especially. I also love the subtle use of the sharp pulse channels to create a sort side chaining feel starting the the ‘1:52’ mark. Side chaining is something which is particularly hard to do with old hardware, and requires a lot of masterful layering (just like the electronic musicians of the 90’s). Although it doesn’t take any thunder away from part I, ‘Voyage Part II’ is still an epic track that manages to keep the energy going from start to finish.

L-tron’s EP has opened my eyes to new ways of doing chiptune on LSDJ, even inspiring me to look back into some of L-tron’s discography to listen to the tricks he’s used and implement them into my own music, such as, his dual usage of both pulse channels to create the melodic arpeggio, or the incredible hook at the start of ‘Voyage pt 1’. After this personal awakening, I’m truly hoping to encounter more LSDJ created house music of this caliber, whether from L-tron or other contemporaries. You’ll definitely catch me reviewing more of it if and when it happens!

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