Chip Mom’s Kitchen #57: Roasted Vegetals

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It’s January! If you’re the resolution making type, then you’ve probably already decided on something new to attempt in the coming year. Myself personally, I’m not huge on resolutions. I am, however, an up-and-coming-old fart. That means rockin’ chairs, walkers, and yellin’ at you youngin’s to eat your vegetals. So if you’re in the mood for a quick and easy way to make your roots and stems be tasty, check this out!

Roasted Vegetals

Difficulty level:
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Roasting a veg elevates the flavor WAY above cans or steam-in-the-bag options.

Quest Items:
Your veg (cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, carrots, parsnips, you name it!)
1-2 Tbsp olive oil
1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
Salt and Pepper to taste
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese

Musical Accompaniment:

Yes, I flat out stole this recipe from an Cook This, Not That cookbook. No, I am not ashamed. Now hush your judgin’ and get to choppin’!

I find it easiest with cauliflower and broccoli to start removing the bits from the underside of the veg. It gives you more room to maneuver with a paring knife and a better view of what you’re doing.

Don’t worry if your bits don’t look like my bits. Everyone has different bits and that is okay. It’s part of what makes life beautiful.

Slather your bits in olive oil and your seasonings while they are on the pan. This keeps things cleaner and easier to manage.

This beautiful bunch of delicious goes into the oven at 450°F for about 10-12 minutes. Depending on your veg, the time will vary. I recommend checking them at 8-10 minutes depending on size and adding time from there.

Snuck a little leftover chopped basil and parsley from the other meal prep into the grated cheese here. This was not a bad call.

When you pull the veg out of the oven, sprinkle it with your Parmesan cheese. This adds a bit of salt and savory to the plate.

Feel free to experiment with different types of hard cheese depending on what you like!

Voila! Hoodie and I paired our roasted cauliflower with some delicious Pesto Mac for a very satisfying meal on a gloomy, cold evening.

Enjoy your food adventures, Chipkids. And remember, Chip Mom luvs ya!

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