Chip Mom’s Kitchen #18: Poke Cake

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Apologies in advance to all the Pokemon fans out there who just squealed with glee. This is not a cake in the shape of a Pokeball. This is, in fact, a cake you poke.  It is also moist, delicious, and the easiest freaking thing you will ever bake in your life, making it the perfect recipe for the busy lead up to MAGFest.

Poke Cake

Difficulty level:
Newb          |         Apprentice         |         Journeyman         |         Master

So easy that President Hoodie could bake it!

Quest Items:
Ingredients according to your Box-o-Cake
Small box of jello
Tub of whipped cream
9 X 13 cake pan

Musical Accompaniment:

Illustrated Guide:

Your stuff! Get it!


Your cake! Make it! (According to package directions)





Mine called for eggs and oil and water and such.





Your pan! Grease it!

You could technically use cooking spray to do this, but I prefer the good ole’ fashioned method of smearing the whole pan with a thin layer of butter and then tossing in some flour and shaking it around the pan til coated.


Its a lot more fun and, in my humble Chip Mom opinion, does the job a whole lot better.

After greasing your pan, pour in your batter.


Your batter! Bake it! (According to package directions)

Your cake! Cool it!

Let your cake sit out of the oven for a good 15 minutes to cool down. If you don’t, when you poke it the surface will shred into itty bitty little pieces.

Your jello! Prep it!

Mix up your jello with the correct amounts of water indicated on the package.

Your pastry! Poke it!

Use a dinner fork to poke the ever loving daylights out of your cake. Go crazy. Be Dexter. Stab it. Take out your frustrations about the MAGfest Guidebook not being out yet on it. Do it. You’ll feel better. (btw – the guidebook is out now. Go get it, ya goober!)


Your gelatin! Pour it!





Pour it all over your cake.





Your masterpiece! Set it!

Now put that thing in the fridge overnight so it gets all nice and solidified. Frost with the tub of whip cream the next morning. After which it will be devoured by many a teacher in a teacher’s lounge. Observe:


You are now the coolest kid in school.

You’re welcome.

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