Chip Mom’s Kitchen #20: The Grand Experiment

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I’m going to level with you here: sometimes when I step into my kitchen I only have the vaguest plan of what’s about to go down. Sometimes I’m a rebel and shop without a list, items flying off the shelf as they call to me. And that’s ok! On those days we call forth the powers of both chemistry and those great bakers of our ancestors in order to create…

The Grand Experiment

Difficulty level:
Newb          |         Apprentice         |         Journeyman         |         Master

I had all this random crap in my kitchen. I put it together and hoped. Anybody can do that! (You must, however, be prepared for it to suck)

Quest Items:
Box of Cake
Bag of Chips
1/2 Stick of Butter
1 C Powdered Sugar
Splash of Milk
1 C water
1/2 C Oil
3 Eggs

Musical Accompaniment:

Something experimental to experiment by

Illustrated Guide:

So as I stood in my kitchen staring into the cupboard I grabbed a few of the usual suspects:








The box of cake had been given to my by my mom-in-law and I had grabbed the cinnamon chips when El Presidente gave me puppy dog eyes in the grocery store (he loves all things cinnamon). I figured that, if nothing else, I could throw the chips in the cake and call it yummy. I wasn’t in the mood for anything fancy; a cake seemed to fit the bill!


The ingredients for the cake went into the mixer (according to package directions: eggs, water, and oil)

I then chose to put the chips in with the batter in the mixer (this, my dears, was my big mistake). Next, I put the mix in the pan and put the pan in the oven at the classic 350* F (this was according to package directions).

Frosting time! Did I mention that President Hoodie loves cinnamon? With this in mind, I dove right into a basic buttercream: half a stick of butter, one cup of powdered sugar, and a smidgeon of margarine/shortening.

Whip that up until it’s nice and fluffy!


Time to add some of the good stuff! I put a half tsp of vanilla and a heap of cinnamon into the whipped butter/sugar mixture. Now I have more than your average buttercream… I have cinnamon buttercream.

As the cake is baking and the frosting is making, unbeknownst to me, all of the chips in the cake are slowly floating to the bottom of the pan and burning just the smallest bit. OOPS.

When the timer goes *ding* the cake goes into the fridge and my butt goes on the couch for about 30 minutes. Then, the frosting goes on. I sprinkled the extra cinnamon chips on top for good measure, which was the thing I did right. Without them, the cake wouldn’t have had the cinnamon punch I wanted it to have.


And here’s the result of that thing I did wrong:


As you can see, there are no floating chips. There’s only a chip-like crust at the bottom of the cake. But, with the frosting, I was able to get a good cinnamon flavor. Overall, not my greatest creation, but, as Grand Experiments go, it was pretty tasty!

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