Chip Mom’s Kitchen #36: Camp Apples

- Posted February 20th, 2017 by

So for the first time ever in my short 30-odd years of life I have gone camping in February! This peculiar event happened because it was 75 degrees with a breeze all weekend long and Senior Presidente and I have a tendency to keep our camp gear permanently packed just in case. Since it was a perfect weekend to camp, I decided to bust out this simple but perfect camping treat:

Camp Apples

Difficulty level:
Newb          |         Apprentice         |         Journeyman         |         Master

As long as you know fire is hot, you’ll do fine.

Quest Items:
2 apples
Aluminium Foil
Charcoal/Fire embers

Musical Accompaniment:

I challenge you to find a collection of music more perfect for wondering at the vast expanse of the universe while camping at night!

Illustrated Guide:

Chop your apples into regular size pieces.  Not so thin as for an apple pie, instead about 3 times that thickness.

Coat in obnoxious amounts of cinnamon.  If you’d like, you can also use apple pie spices!

Drizzle with equally obnoxious amounts of caramel.

Bring the long ends together and roll to seal, then pinch the ends so nothing falls out.  Now you have a campfire ready pouch of goodie!

Ignite your combustible of choice!  This works with hot charcoal or the leftovers of a well loved campfire.

Allow to sit in the heat for about 15 minutes, or until you can hear it sizzle and smell the caramel!

Dump and enjoy!  It’s all the ooey-gooey of pie without all the fuss!  If you’ve got ice cream in your cooler, all the better!

Wherever you are, I hope warm weather and cool breezes find you!  And remember, Chip Mom luvs ya!

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