Chip Mom’s Ruinous Review #1: Caramel Apple Box Cake

- Posted November 20th, 2017 by

So I am pretty regularly offended by some of the offerings of my local grocery store’s baking isle offerings. Today, I decided to delve into that which will most likely be awful. All so you don’t have to try…

Caramel Apple Box Cake

Quest Items:
Cake Mix
Packaged Frosting
A willingness to suffer unnecessarily

Musical Accompaniment:
with Special Guest Star, Lauren the Flute! A baking buddy of mine.

Illustrated Aftermath:

So in the perfect world of my Happy Chip Mom Brain, what I was getting into here was a lovely little apple cake mix with an average caramel frosting.

That’s. Not. What. This. Is.

The frosting tasted like caramel apple candies. The mix stank of caramel apple candies. What? Why?

The cake came out of the bundt pan fluffy and moist and everything that a cake should be. But, that odd candy smell persisted and was very off-putting. I heated up the caramel frosting to be able to drizzle it over the cake and it solidified to an odd, baby-poop-brown sheen.

The taste did not save it.

Here are the candid photos of our taste testers’ reactions:

To quote Lauren, “It tastes like an alien tried to make something taste like apple.”

It wasn’t good.

And now you know! And this knowledge can help you avoid this monstrosity! Instead, go bake a homemade apple cake with delicious caramel drizzle; like this one! You’ll thank yourself later.

Happy Turkey Day, friends! Enjoy your food hangovers! And remember, Chip Mom luvs ya!

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