Chip Treatment with Professor Oakes: ‘Dinnertime’ by Gors

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A recipe; the ingredients; the cookware — all crucial to preparing your meals and satiating your growing hunger.

The very same analogy holds true for chipmusic: the personality that a musician puts into their work; the level of composition the song yields; and the success of mixing which helps to amplify the song. In this sense, the composition is the recipe; personality the ingredients; and the method the musician is producing their album on and the song mixing is the cookware.

You’re probably thinking why I’m making all of these silly analogies to food and food prep, am I right? Without further adieu…

Released on May 20, 2015, ‘Dinnertime’ is a masterful collection of 11 tracks filled to the brim with each of the analogies listed above — both creatively and technically. Written by Gors (who also released ‘Square Wave Symphony’ and ‘Drop’ previously), ‘Dinnertime’ was composed using a Sega Genesis tracker (VGM Maker) and 2A03 made stereo in post-production. Making music and uploading videos onto Youtube since 2008, Gors hails from Osvaldo Cruz, São Paulo, Brazil, and composes using MadTracker and DefleMask. To counter the growing culture of GXSCC (a midi converter application which makes ‘fake’ NES arrangements) users, Gors decided to pick-up Famitracker and is now proficient in the program.

‘Dinnertime’ begins with ‘Bake!’, a track which clocks in at nearly three and a half minutes. As the track starts to take form, it quite literally sounds like soundtrack to a baking show as the cute, bubbly melody whisks you into fluffy, marshmallow mixture. When I listen to this song, I can’t help but to think of whimsical, imaginary narratives: a mom making cupcakes for their child and adding a dash of sprinkles on top or a couple baking a Valentine’s Day dessert together.

‘Carpe Diem’, Dinnertime’s fourth track of the album, certainly seizes the day and quickly became one of my favorites. Docking in as one of the shorter tracks of the bunch, ‘Carpe Diem’ is further solidification that a tracker can be used in a manner other than writing four-on-the-floor dance music. As the percussion samples contribute to the song’s incredible jazz-like structure, this track appears to have a very vintage and classic chiptune feel to it (see 1988’s Super Mario Bros 2).

‘Serenata’, the album’s concluding track, happens to be Gors’ first track ever written on Gameboy. Dedicated to his significant other, the track’s lyrics – available on Bandcamp, though there aren’t any vocals in the track itself – reference a visit that the subject is counting down the days to. The subject also references being unable to live without the other despite loneliness taking control, because they live and breath their partner. Possessing a very pop-like nature, ‘Serenata’ is a pleasant listen and complimentary to the preceding tracks. Without fail, this track makes me incredibly happy, as the rhythmic melody is uplifting, soulful and the square wave (pulse channel) notes fluttering and romantic.

‘Dinnertime’ can be purchased on Bandcamp digitally for $7, and while you’re at it, be sure to download ‘Square Wave Symphony’ (12 2A03 NES tracks sequenced in Famitraker and rendered in stereo) and ‘Drop’ (Famitracker), further solidification as to why Gors won the GameMusicBrasil Chiptune Competition in 2012. ‘Dinnertime’ is a thoughtfully written and composed album in which the tracks very successfully instill positive feelings in the listeners. I am very much looking forward to hearing further releases from Gors, as well as seeing further coverage on other South American chipmusic releases.

Gotta run — brownies are in the oven! This is Professor Oakes signing off.

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