Chip Mom’s Kitchen #1- Graham Cracker Toffee

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Sup y’all? Hoodie here. =) It’s time for me to finally introduce my favorite member of the ChipWIN blog (sorry guys, I’m a little biased here heheh). So far, she’s been hanging in the background doing a bit of editing here & there (& helping me problem solve on occasion; she’s good at that!). Of course I’m talking about my lovely girlfriend Erin McQuisten, better known to most of y’all as either First Lady Ryn or, particularly in this case, ChipMom!
Take it away, babe! ^_^

Welcome to Chip Mama‘s Kitchen – where the treats are tasty and the portions over-sized!  I’ll occasionally be dropping in here at the ChipWIN blog to share some of the how-to-yummies that I like to give out to my Chipkids and VGMers, whether I’m bouncing around at cons or via the friendly snails at USPS.

For my first trick, I’ll show you a nummy that I sent out with my Christmas bundles. It happens to be one of my personal favorite recipes:

Graham Cracker Toffee

Difficulty level:

Newb        |        Apprentice        |          Journeyman          |          Master

Possibility of burnt sugar, boiling over, and making a general mess of your kitchen.

Quest Items:

An oven
A saucepan (like for Ramen)
A cookie sheet (like for cookies)
Tin Foil
Paper towel

1 Box of Honey graham crackers
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup of butter (2 sticks)
6 Hershey Bars

Ready to go!!

Illustrated Guide:

First things first, preheat your oven to 350*. Now, rip off a sheet of tin foil slightly longer than your cookie sheet. Press this down flat against the bottom and sides, wrap any extra around the edges of the sheet. This is going to make clean up TONS easier for you.



Use a paper towel to slather the pan with butter. Get it into all the angles and corners – with the added bonus of preventing the toffee from sticking to the foil.





Then, line the bottom of the pan with graham crackers.  By splitting them into their smaller pieces right away, they’ll be easier to cut once they’re cooled!



Set this aside and we’re gonna get to the stove stuff.

Put the saucepan on the stove over medium heat. Unwrap the sticks of butter and add them and the cup of brown sugar, thusly —->

It will melt pretty slowly, and at first it won’t seem like the sugar and the butter want to mix. That’s ok, just keep stirring! If you leave it alone for too long it’ll burn and you’ll have to start over again.


If you get bored, you can unwrap Hershey bars while supervising the pan.

Eventually, the sugar and butter will mix together. You want to keep stirring until the mixture thickens up a bit and is bubbling consistently.


Now carefully and slowly pour the melted mixture over the graham crackers. Give .the cookie sheet a little jiggle to even everything out (be warned, the graham crackers may have gotten a bit floaty!) and then place the pan in the oven.


Set your timer to 8 minutes.

Go ahead and unwrap chocolate if you haven’t already!

You’ll know the toffees are ready when the surface of the sugar mixture has tiny little bubbles all over.


Take the pan out of the oven and put the chocolate bars right on top of it.

The chocolate willl start to melt right away! Use a spatula or the back of a spoon to gently spread the chocolate over the top of the toffee.

The final step is to cool these suckers down so that you can shove them all into your mouth at once.  At least that’s what I do.

Stick them in the fridge for about 10-20 minutes, or until the chocolate on top has solidified.  Once everything is solid, slide the tin foil wrapped deliciousness off of the pan.  It will be one solid piece.  Try not to gnaw on the corners, instead hold the sheet of toffees sandwiched between your hands. You’ll be able to safely flip them upside down.  Then, place them on your cutting board, peel off the tin foil, and use a big knife (watch your fingers!!) to cut along the lines.  You’ll be left with delicate, crunchy, sweet, chewy, Graham Cracker Toffees to indulge in.

Nuggets of Graham Cracker Toffee!

That’s all for the first edition of Chip Mama’s Kitchen. You’ll be able to check back monthly for more delectable delights!  Until then, hugs and love to all!! <3


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