Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 2 (Tracks 12-16)

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Sup y’all? =) Da Prez here. Time for me to take my first crack at reviewing some of the most excellent Volume 2 tracks! To be specific, the wonderfully wild variety of styles that = tracks 12 through 16!

Track #12: Riparian Woodland by sleepytimejesse

sleepytimejesse is one of the many “new artists” (i.e. previously unheard of by me) to grab a spot on Volume 2 (I blame Kuma for the introduction). This SunVox creation (& admittedly Jesse’s very first!) is potentially the most beautiful track on the entire compilation. It’s an atmospheric soundscape of an SNES OST feel (think Secret of Mana or Evermore) that truly does bring to mind a distinct vision of a deep woodland grove. I could easily enjoy an entire album of this sort of peaceful, relaxing chipmusic, a style that isn’t attempted near enough in chiptune imho.

Track #13: Just Missed You by Joshua Morse

Per the (exceptional) norm for him, Joshua Morse brought the funk with his first ChipWIN submission “Just Missed You”. If you’re familiar with his previous “Waveform” releases, this track will sound wonderfully familiar; FM slap bass, SNES sampled leads/synths, tasty drumming, & some lovely piano work. Basically it’s a little over 4 minutes of funktastic Morse composition 101, which is something that I’ll always be exceptionally pleased by.

Track #14: Miracle Max & The Cliffs of Insanity by Square Therapy

Another newcomer both to ChipWIN & chipmusic in general, Jason Doss blasts onto the scene with this fantastically composed high octane chiprock anthem. Created using a combo of FL Studio & LSDj, this track is chock full of tasty lead riffage & ultra catchy melodies. While the nod to Anamanaguchi is indeed there (rarely a bad thing when properly executed, as this most definitely is!), Jason’s metal roots & other musical influences shine thru enough to easily set this apart in its own right. If “Miracle Max” tickles your fancy, don’t miss his equally amazing debut EP (+ guitars!), & learn more about him via his recent interview with Kuma!

Track #15: Realms by Auxcide

A returning ChipWIN champion, Auxcide brings the chipprog to Vol.2 like only he can. Clocking in at 8:42, this 2xLSDj space jam is hands down the loooooongest track on the compilation, but so utterly entrancing that the time flies by without notice. Composed of so many different intricate movements and sections, “Realms” flows almost like an energy infused piece of classical music meets chiptune. SURREAL. The only thing moreso is experiencing his music in a live setting, which I was extremely fortunate enough to get a chance to do at BRKFest 2013. If you get a similar chance, DON’T MISS IT. And buy the man a all of the Sam Adams Cherry Wheat while you’re at it.

Track #16: Distress Signal by ArcticMetal

“Distress Signal” starts off sounding a bit like your garden variety LSDj track. And then suddenly BOOM: extremely infectious melodic hooks all up in yo’ face!! Quite honestly, I find this track to be one of the biggest earworms on the entire compilation; I rarely get past it without clicking “back/rewind/etc” at least a couple of times. Catchy hooks aside, this song as a whole is categorized by a strong, overarching sense of determination. It’s as if ArcticMetal’s drive to make the Vol.2 cut manifested itself directly into a chiptune track. And damn, did it EVER work (I still get goosebumps when I listen to this jam!).

And that sums up my rambling for today! Be sure to catch the next Vol.2 installment on the following Wednesday by one of our ever-growing number of talented bloggers! In the meantime, hit up the sexy links below to find more glorious chipmusic from this article’s chipartists!

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