Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 3 [Tracks 22 – 26]

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Howdy folks! You know the deal – we’re running down all the songs from the latest release (as if you hadn’t already downloaded it and put it on repeat for the last week), giving credit where credit is due to the amazing folks who dedicated their free time to make something fantastic. I must say, I truly appreciate all the people who freely give their time to this group – people who just made music for the love of making music and to keep the scene hyped up. It’s refreshing, lemme tell you. So let’s jump in!

梅干茶漬け (Umeboshi Chazuke) – エルピスの園 (Elpis Park)

Thank GOODNESS we decided to actually translate the Glorious Nihongonese this time around – I still don’t know what the first track on the first compilation is. ‘Elpis Park’ has made me give FL Studio 10 another look for chiptuning, because I had no idea you could write a track like this in it. It balances speedy, upbeat almost manic speed against slower, calmer bits. I don’t think there is any possible way that a person can listen to this song without being at least marginally happier – its driving pace and hopeful melody evoke thoughts of the most glorious adventures. This is definitely a track to avoid playing while driving, though, as Chiptunes = WIN assumes no responsibility if you get a ticket for speeding while jamming to it.

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Jredd – Walk Around The Puzzle Block

Ah yes, a track from one of our own writers! Jredd is one of those guys who is unfortunately talented in both writing and music, and so we must collectively shun him for his skills. (I kid, of course.)  ‘Walk Around The Puzzle Block’ is a jaunty little tune that Jredd claims to have written in only a few hours for a friend’s game, which leaves me flabbergasted: This is such a solid little tune, you’d think he spent quite some time on it. It’s a VGM Music Maker track, which is neat – I feel like that’s not a program you hear a whole lot of musicians using these days, so it’s nice to know that it’s still being utilized so well. I could understand why this might be used in a puzzle game – it’s peppy, with just a hint of anxiety in the beat to keep you focused.

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Videogame Orchestra – Bisoux

I am so relaxed after hearing this song. This song is the embodiment of calm. I can’t call it vaporwave, because it doesn’t feel Japanese enough, but this is definitely elevator music levels of calm, without the frustrating undertones that seem to pervade elevator music. It will evoke every feeling of peace you have ever encountered in your life, sending you into warm, neon paradise. It’s funny how certain sounds can just evoke certain feelings, but Videogame Orchestra clearly know what they’re doing. | Soundcloud | Faecbook

NESMETAL – Consuming The Sky

Okay. So stop, click on the song above and go to the page for it on the ChipWIN site so you can look at the lyrics to this song (because it’s an instrumental track – bear with me, okay?) Got it? Great. Speaking of FL Studio, let’s time travel back to Fruity Loops 3 for this MIDI-tastic metal track. This track has me in the Halloween spirit – the opening sounds just spooky enough for an incredibly metal Halloween party, or maybe just something Castlevania themed. At this point, I feel bad comparing chiptunes to videogames, but honestly I have to say that this track evokes every major boss battle I ever played in the SNES/n64 era, and that’s not a bad thing by any means. This isn’t a track you’ll thrash super hard to, but we have other tracks for that. This is one of those low-mid energy almost symphonic metal tracks you just let wash over you and hype you up. Consider it the metal appetizer, the metal that gets you hungry for more metal.

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Nestrogen – Big ol’ Sassy River

The only LSDJ track in this bunch, ‘ Big Ol’ Sassy River’ does in fact evoke the sense of place of a big ol’ sassy river. With lots of splashy effects, broad sounds and a beat that can change on you at a moment’s notice, this track must be the chiptune equivalent of kayaking in a river, only distinctly less wet (unless you really like this track, of course). It’s a short track, but to quote an oft-used internet-ism, “It’s a wild ride from start to finish.”

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TTFN, friends.


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