Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 3 [Tracks 7 – 11]

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Yesterday the CWB’s First Lady Ryn, the resident Chiptune Newb and Chip Mom, guided you through the first six tracks on the Chiptunes = WIN Volume 3 compilation album, and today our very own PixelRecall, the man responsible for the monthly “Sladerfluous” reviews & interviews, covers the next batch of five tunes below!

Player 2 – Zack Wilson Face

A mischievous improvisational melody glides over an understated beat in this chill house mix from Player 2. ‘Zack Wilson Face’, made with FL Studio 11, straddles the realms of upbeat and relaxing with impressive ease: it’s danceable, chillax-able, and unpredictable.

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DjjD – Slow Down

‘Slow Down’ by DjjD is atmospheric and ethereal, with sweeping continuous tones to set the mood before a modular synth melody takes over alongside a crisp beat. DjjD takes a grand sense of vast open space and runs with it, delivering big sound, and plays with complimenting harmonies and sound effects to tap into your imagination.

(Full disclosure: DjjD writes ‘8-Bit Banter by DjjD‘ for the ChipWIN Blog)

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coda – Overwing

Coda’s ‘Overwing’, made with OpenMPT, starts immediately with a high-energy intro before transitioning into a fantastic, rousing, crowd-pleasing anthem composed of several well-transitioned, yet distinct moments of melodic exploration, each using the one before it as a springboard into complimentary musical tangents that build toward a satisfying notable tangent around 4:15 into a sudden ominous section breaks up the track nicely, allowing the up-tempo melody to return like a hero sent to save us from the dark.

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 Petriform – Departure 6

‘Departure 6’ is a welcome harder sound compared to the rest of today’s Volume 3 nuggets of awesome. Made with FamiTracker 2A03 + VRC6 (and some minor effects processing in FL Studio 11 says Petriform), there’s a distinct metal influence with a hard-hitting barrage right off the top, immediately pulling you into Petriform’s creation at a frantic, purposeful pace. Haunting upper tones compliment the endless drums, leading into a solid melody that refuses to quit, acting as a tether while the track redefines itself and mixes in several tight harmonic compliments to bring this track to a surprising breakdown, abandoning the drum/bass for a hopeful melody before colliding all the pieces back together for a high-powered climax.

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505 – Sidewalk Raptures

‘Sidewalk Raptures’ by 505, made with Renoise, is an adventure through soft melodies, effective harmonies, and inventive effect-play in today’s final track review. There’s a lullaby-esque quality to the main melody that inspires a light-hearted compliment to the deeper funk underbelly sustaining the drum and beats below the track’s swelling chip sound.

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As always, ~ Support the artists you love ~ and stay tuned for the next section of track-by-track breakdowns for Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 3, available now to download for the price of your choosing at the Chiptunes = WIN Bandcamp!

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