‘Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 4’ Roster Announced!!!!

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here, ready and willing to do one of my favorite yearly duties as “President” of Chiptunes = WIN…


Volume 4

Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 4 album artwork by Nate “Mad Max” Horsfall of lightningarts.com.

  • 梅干茶漬け (Umeboshi Chazuke)
  • 505
  • Amphibious
  • Ap0c
  • Asleep Droid
  • Auxcide
  • b-knox
  • Brick BRKer
  • CarboHydroM
  • ChronoWolf
  • x Critical Strike x
  • D.B.O.Y.D
  • Daniel Capo
  • DJ RoboRob
  • Fark
  • FM-Possible Turbo
  • Glenntai
  • Graz
  • Hylian Lemon
  • ko0x
  • L_qcy
  • Lukas Eriksson
  • Masikus
  • Monomer
  • nickelPUNK
  • Parallelis
  • Petriform
  • Phonetic Hero
  • Pieces of Eight
  • Pixeltune
  • radionarcotix
  • Russellian
  • Sieken
  • Sk8bit
  • Snooglebum
  • Stig
  • Stjarnstrom
  • The Dinky Dao
  • Theory of N
  • Tuberz McGee
  • turtledove
  • Twelfth Chromatic
  • Twistboy
  • Unsign
  • Villainest
  • Will Bauer
  • WillRock
  • Windfallen
  • Zantilla

As always, it was an agonizingly tough job to choose the 51 track roster from among the 153 qualifying Volume 4 submissions that we received this time around. Absolute endless thanks and love to every single one of you!

At this point, the collaborative Expansion Release roster has also been squared away (TBA at a later date), so that’s an ALL CLEAR for everyone else (i.e. if you haven’t been contacted for either V.4 or the expansion, you are now free to do what you want with your submission).

For anyone interested in constructive criticism, inquire via e-mail at contact@chiptuneswin.com. Please provide your artist name and track title in the email. You may not receive an immediate response, but I will reply with a summary of the judges comments as soon as I am able. =)

With endless \m|♥♥♥♥|m/,
President Hoodie aka Brandon L Hood
Founder & Project Manager of Chiptunes = WIN

P.S. ALL V.4 PROMO = GO!! Catch all of it via the “FULL DETAILS” announcement here!

Volume 4 Links:
Release Party Fb Event | Promo Video | Soundcloud Teasers – Teaser 1, Teaser 2

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