Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 5 [Tracks 41 – 51]

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Welcome back to the breakdown of the Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 5 compilation album! PixelRecall here with the esteemed privilege of rounding out the final bundle of tracks along with you! By now I hope you have downloaded the album for yourself (if not, grab it HERE) and I’m sure you have your own thoughts on the final ten tracks of the compilation so let’s jump in and compare notes!

Nate Horsfall's Sweet Sweet Volume 5 Art

Night Drive‘ by L1nd0 puts rubber to pavement with a deep groove winding below pulsing synth, chattering echoes and bubbling pops for a smooth cruise down Chip Lane. L1ndo absolutely crushes the tone of an evening cruise with soft blissful transitions that allow you kick back, relax and enjoy the ride.


Bitter‘ by Please Lose Battle embraces the classic rough tones of yesteryear and catapults into a full-force epic life-or-death boss battle theme, attacking hard with unrelenting energy and decisive control. Please Lose Battle takes daring chances with sharp turns into an adjunct full-stop that succeeds in ramping up a command of urgency and looming disaster, hooking into a sense that one wrong move could spell certain doom…


Late Night Boat Ride‘ by they/them floats and flutters echoing chirps over a grungy foundation in an incredibly enticing dichotomy. There is a sense of navigation above struggle as the melody envelops a moody percussion with the goal of rising above. An unexpected breakdown plays with silence, commanding your attention while crisp snippets drop bread crumbs toward a satisfying sudden end.


Blossome‘ by Taka Sushi enjoys a piano accompaniment beside its cheerful high-pitch melody over a nest of bubbly chirps, enveloping a light percussion in a blanket of unapologetic joy. Take Sushi paints an audio delight with ‘Blossome‘ through a cornucopia of blissful tones designed to elicit the calm and openness of a bright spring day filled without worry. ‘Blossome‘ is a gentle giant, masking solid technique behind its cheerful presentation.


Tidesplitter‘ by commandycan takes a rousing synth smorgasbord and revels in a swirl of delicious jazzy runs in this energetic offering. Bright lights and flashy distractions own the day as ‘Tidesplitter‘ keeps you guessing in a firework display of musicality. The enticing mid-run groove that commandycan employs is simply divine, only serving to sink you deeper into this decadent celebration. ‘Tidesplitter’ is a candy store that’s just given you five minutes and an all-you-can-fill paper bag.


Miss Livoli VS Mr Carosi (Epic Run)‘ by Starving GOGO lays down the groundwork with a siiiick noise-laden beat before punching your ear canals with some seriously heavy-duty “COME-AT-ME-BRO” melodic structure woven through an onslaught of competing glitch tones and classic 8-bit runs for a track that demands you either keep up with it or be left in the dust. Starving GOGO displays relentless daring that bites off more than most people can chew, only to swallow it and ask for seconds.


Homecoming‘ by Dya soars with synth wings in this display of artistic dynamism. While a heavy drum kit keeps a firm grip on the ground, Dya ducks and dives with an ever-evolving melody, going subterranean at the midpoint for a welcome, shifting bass and chime breakdown and a swirling return to hope through a grand resurgent melody before a final descent into a three point landing.


Pondhoppin’‘ by Stig has you wading into a beat so dirty you’ll feel it for days and refuse to shower. A deceptively simple melody flaunts itself above the ever-persistent slithering beat, joined by a trumpeting fanfare that works hard to drag you up above the surface where a graceful piano awaits with its hands outstretched to pull you to solid ground for an extravagant fusion as Stig folds the deep tones in and ‘Pondhoppin’‘ culminates in a scrumptiously cohesive end.


Bael‘ by Florian Olsson employs a structured robotic tone, much more so than the other tracks on the back ten of the compilation. Heavy percussion and bass tones rightfully smother persistent melodies as they fight to rise out only to be stamped out by the dominant deep tones that raise themselves to melody-status as what would customarily be considered the melody succumbs to a bashful harmony. ‘Bael’ throbs and pulses with pride, commanding all lighter tones that dare show themselves to remain firmly in the shadow of the colossal bassline.


Auxcide tugs at heartstrings as a general rule, but  ‘The Resolute Heart‘ erupts with evocative color using harmonic melodies to stir up a rainbow of emotion. When the percussion kicks in, the tone takes a solid shift down a path of tumultuousness much like one would need to face in order to prove their heart to be resolute, lifting into a victorious finish as the melody secures solid ground over the deeper tones that had previously attempted to cloud out the warmhearted nature of the melody. As one of the longer tracks on the compilation the test of any piece of music is whether it can hold attention and leave you wanting more and ‘The Resolute Heart’ does just that.


Departures‘ by Awesome Force starts with a beautiful slow build, employing a pseudo-chip-drumline to set a militaristic tone alongside a powerful audio clip solidifying a theme of opportunity through decisive action before erupting into a techno tour de force as a haunting accompaniment supports a chilling melody fighting to be heard in a sea of building percussion. Awesome Force commands exemplary sense of tone, leaving on a note that inspires a question rather than outlining an answer: “Will you be the change you wish to see in your world?”

That concludes our compilation release extravaganza! To our readers, thank you for the support you’ve shown us over the years as we continue to grow our incredible chip-community. To our chip artists, thank you for sharing your unending outpouring of unique artistry with us. Spread the word and if you haven’t already, download a copy of Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 5 HERE!


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