Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 7 [Tracks 21-30]

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Oh shoot! What is up! It is that male youth!

No, but seriously let’s get rocking with this.

ChronoWolf’s fantastic entry to the V.7 art contest. I detect an affinity for Cities: Skylines.

     21. ‘Folded Space’ by Guérin

Aw yeah, we start off with a fellow Virginian! Guérin and I have talked at length about drum and bass and I’m always glad to see they’re still out here making it. I love the fakeout drops followed by more buildup and more drops. I think the big slowdown in the middle followed by playing the melody at half speed most of the way through was a pretty interesting choice too. This is a track that keeps you guessing, which is RAD.

     22. ‘ghosting’ by business pastel

I feel like LSDJ tracks fall into one of two categories – one set uses a lot of pulsing drums, the “BREAK” sound clip and whatever that noise effect that sounds like the call of a Geodude from Pokemon Red, and the other set tries to make less loop based music and is more based on having a moving and evolving melody over simple drums and bass parts. This song is very much the second of those two categories.

     23. ‘Deliver Alucard’ by Professor Shyguy

It’s a good time to be a Castlevania fan. We’ve got that sweet anime series on Netflix, Richter and Simon Belmont are coming to the next Smash Bros, and now we have this tribute to the series sung from the point of view of Alucard to his father, Dracula. Honestly, I haven’t cared as much or had as many feelings about Alucard’s story since I played Symphony of the Night when I was a child – Shyguy knocks it out of the park with this track.

     24. ‘Third Time’s The Chill’ by ChronoWolf

Starting off every bit like something that should be in a Phillip Glass “Qatsi” soundtrack and resolving into a beautiful piano and synth ballad, this track is really a mashup of all sorts of things I never really expected would go together. What I’m saying is that this is the peanut butter and pickle hamburger of tracks, really.

     25. ‘The Spine of Ymir’ by Donut Shoes ft. Chunderfins & Drummond

It’s rare that a collab track completely embodies the spirit of everyone contributing, but from the first notes syncopated surf guitar hits I could tell right away that these guys were all on the same wavelength. I’m a huge fan of the whole mashup klezmer/circus punk genre, and the inclusion of the sort of pseduo-surf rock and 60’s proto-ska bits we have going on here are just… *chef kiss* If this song were a syrup I would be chugging it like that one scene from Super Troopers. It is, as the kids say, hashtag that good shit.

     26. ‘earthquack’ by cactus.

This song is like an auditory distillation of the essence of summer. It starts off peppy and poppy, as many of us do when summer is upon us. It gets rough in the middle which is a feeling I’m sure many of us who do a lot of traveling in the summer months can empathize with – it’s rough and harsh, but there’s still a feeling of movement and a promise it’ll pay off. It resolves into a slow ending with much the same energy as someone staring up at the stars during the final days of the season before it’s time to go back to real life.

     27. ‘Fading Shore’ by roboctopus

When I’m jamming to chiptunes I’m not really expecting to run into something I’d expect on the “lo-fi beats to chill and study to” channel, but the graininess spread on top of this track really makes it pop in my opinion. Musically, it’s solid – it’s just a good calm jam. But the graininess, almost like a drone, permeates the track in way that really adds some auditory character to it in a satisfying way.

     28. ‘A Material Phantasy’ by Galgox

If I see someone spell fantasy with a PH I expect to be greeted with an 80’s synth power ballad that wouldn’t be out of place in a Neverending Story movie and Galgox did not disappoint. Everyone knows arpeggios are cruise control for cool in chiptune, and this track makes fine use of them as well as just very upbeat and natural sounding progressions. Also, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t talk about how well the percussion is done in this track. A+ job all around.

     29. ‘Night Vandal’ by Graz

Let’s say you walked into your local corner store and you say to the owner “Hey man, I need me some of those tasty oldschool LSDJ bangers, but I’m tired of the old stuff – whatcha got?” The guy behind the counter would be handing you this song. In the best possible way, this track is obviously a crowd pleaser. Throw it on and throw down.

     30. ‘summercamp’ by tirx

Yes! Another summer jams æsthetic song. This really tripped me up because for a minute I thought this must have been a song by some other duo with a four letter name that may or may not regularly get reviewed on the blog, but maybe it turns out there are more than two people who can make a peppy drum heavy song with this same aural shape. [Editor’s note: ◔ᴗ◔ ] This is a good song to just put on to brighten your spirits when you’re feeling low, because I’m pretty sure it’s illegal in 6 countries to be sad while listening to this.

Ya boi Aydan is coming up with the next round of reviews. Don’t touch that dial – same chip time, same chip channel!

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