Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 8 [Tracks 1 – 10]

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It’s that chiptastic time of the year again! The long-awaited ‘Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 8’ has finally arrived! Newcomers and veterans from across the globe unite to bring us some of the best chipmusic of the year! Join us as we review the compilation in its entirety!

‘Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 8’ artwork by Nate Horsfall.

1. ‘Nuri Brut’ by Laamaa

What a great way to kick off this remarkable eighth volume of ChipWIN goodness! This lovely upbeat tune by Laamaa is a clean and sophisticated track that takes you by the hand and has you swinging and grooving down this rockin’ compilation’s path. This track has majestic percussion and a delightful groove, allowing for a bit of call and response within its melodic phrases that feels refreshing, catchy and enticing!

2. ‘Holding One’s Own’ by Dimeback

Hold your breath because here comes a new Famitracker challenger! As tough as a boss level, this playful track sounds like beat fighters gone wild, swirling and comboing your ears with their dynamic rhythm and fast paced interlude. Featuring an interesting use of syncopation, it stands its ground firmly as one of the toughest tracks in this section, instilling nostalgic arcade feels within its listeners.

3. ‘A Bossa Loafer at Heart’ by FlightWish

If there was any doubt regarding the kind of celebration this volume entails, look no further than this ecstatic tune for guidance. At the heart of this volume’s overtly blithe vibes, this Bossa Nova inspired track whisks you away onto a sonic beach, where you can float amongst its warm, joyous waves and get carried away by its beautiful Brazilian carnival style melodies. If you are feeling the bossa, then shake your hips to this danceable beat!

4. ‘Summer Wars’ by Vault Kid

This bubbly track feels like walking back home after spending a day in the sun, and I’m loving its Kawaii future bass styled beats. Vault Kid takes you on a stroll with accordion synths, digital sirens and toy pianos that fade blissfully along the road. The marked percussion and sidechained echoed voices emphasize its anime-ending-esque, chill melodies, while still making you want to prance about and strut your stuff until you reach the end of the track.

5. ‘Big time bass in ya face’ by Gesceap

Do you think I’m spooky? Then you haven’t heard this track! What an amazing mix of robotic samples, deep drums and fun voice samples! With some major Aphex Twin vibes, this song gets up close to give you a roundhouse bass kick in your face, but you’ll still dig it after its sonic assault. With some masterfully calculated discordant melodies, this Nanoloop based track creates an outlandish techno atmosphere. Get this chiptune concoction in your party mix!

6. ‘Sandpiper Squad’ by Cityfires

This energetic but bittersweet track, featuring voice snippets of the author talking about the Sandpipers (that as we found out belong to the Scolopacidae family of birds) is definitely one of a kind. It includes chirping, synthesized sounds that imitate bird calls and voices alongside some great real bird sound samples and plenty of crossfading. Its fast tempo and cute flocks of notes will have you feeling good, albeit emotional, with a cute musical motif dancing around several halts and silences that you can’t miss.

7. ‘I Miss Ur Luv’ by Turbo Chip

Heads up to everyone around the metaphorical mosh pit! ‘I miss Ur Luv’ is a banger with a perfectly placed fuse that’s lit with several degrees of anticipation and leads to an explosive start. This high intensity mashup has strategically placed feminine vocals and ushers us in with a glitchy low pitch arpeggio, which is coupled with some skillful use of the noise percussion. Both of these techniques will have you swinging until the end, broken-hearted and wistful for that godly drop.

8. ‘Tomato Juice’ by Tobikomi

Tobikomi comes in eager to spice up the tomato juice of this volume with a track that features a thumping beat, some confrontational motifs and several chained blips that flourish amongst its powerful melody. Akin to Hispanic rhythms, the song starts slow, but increases in speed as it progresses. The song was created with GoatTracker and makes excellent use of the Commodore 64’s emulated 6581 SID chip’s ability to generate the tastiest waveforms for, say, your sunset dueling or 8-bit flamenco party soundtrack requirements.

9. ‘Endgame’ by AmateurLSDJ

Were you looking for some keygen goodness? Then check out this amazingly upbeat track from AmateurLSDJ, who quite honestly appears to be a seasoned pro in chiptune music. Blessing us with this fast, overclocked, and over the top melodic addition, ChipWIN’s Volume 8 roster certainly isn’t lacking in intensity. These beats are in such a perfect formation that you can be sure each and every one of them knows, without a doubt, that they are in the endgame now.

10. ‘Get Smashed’ by Cheapshot

Just in case you weren’t feeling frisky and ready to get smashed, Cheapshot comes in with some slow and dirty nanoloop drums to help you get in the mood. With a constant vibrato and solid snare placement, this trap inspired track is quite a trip. Its slow, repeated burn is definitely hypnotic, luring you in just enough to make you sway to the rhythm in its confined, deceptive headspace.

Do tune in on Thursday the 8th, when we’ll be handing over the next tracks (11-21) to our fellow writer  Def Mech. This wild chiptune ride has only just begun!

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