Chiptunes = WIN Volume 8: [Tracks 11 – 20]

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Hello everyone! It’s DEFENSE MECHANISM and I’m so excited to review this incredible collection of tracks from the new V8! Let’s dig in!

mellodillo‘s contest winning entry.

11. ‘Green wind’ by scythe

scythe’s first N163 tune starts off with a catchy melodic riff and some syncopated chords and the energy quickly ramps! Masterfully developing the melodies and continuing through the next section, this song carries the listener along like a magic carpet on a cool breeze. scythe isn’t afraid to throw in some choice chord changes and an uplifting key change before gliding the song to its final stop.

12. ‘Sunbeams’ by skybox

Beginning with the signature skybox kick, this tune gets going right away with some catchy major chords and a cheerful melody that evokes having fun on a bright, sunny day. Once the melody reaches its peak, it’s time to get down! Relentlessly dancey rhythms abound until the melody returns, a welcome reprise of the main theme, and the ending arrives delicately.

13. ‘9,000 Years Proud of You’ – King Bubu

Summer fun continues with ‘9,000 Years Proud of You’, which builds to a driving beat and happy synth chords. King Bubu’s piano playing gets a beautiful chance to shine after each refrain, twinkling over chords and bringing the song home. I’m thrilled over 9,000 to hear the song continue to build with soaring synth melodies and harmonies, finally reaching its climax, yet ending again back home and feeling so proud that we’ve come so far.

14. ‘Like this, like this’ – SolarLune

SolarLune’s track opens with vibes of synthwave but quickly introduces vocals and some snazzy pads over a beat. Lyrics flow smoothly over a very chill melody and jazzy synth strings, a welcome addition to the instrumentation on the comp so far. If the girl in the song hears this track, I’m sure she would love to hear more like this (like this)!

15. ‘Hurry, Destiny Awaits!’ – ModalModule

ModalModule wastes no time getting down to business in this song! Fast tempo and shifting minor chords signal an impending urgency that’s augmented by frantic noise percussion. More instrumentation is brought in, including an epic synth solo before a striking key change. Just as quickly as the song reaches its height, its final destiny is reached.

16. ‘Giant Palmiped’ – KRVKT

KRVKT brings intensity right out of the gate with huge bass sounds and fierce pulse stabs warning of imminent danger as the double-time feel enters, just before slowing to a half-time feel with what sounds like the squawking cry of an immensely terrifying bird. The looming threat exposed, all we can do is check out, as an ending theme fades anew into the distance.

17. ‘Mintbeats!!’ – :Poin7less

:Poin7less jumps immediately into a happy hardcore beat to get your energy pumping! A stripped-down pulse melody emerges and builds again with relentless enthusiasm among lofty leads and breakbeats, encouraging everyone to put their hands up in the air. More expertly-crafted breakdowns and minty fresh buildups ensure you’ll be up on the dance floor without a care at all!

18. ‘Deep Sea Puzzle’ – Game Jam! & Echo2

Chill synth pads and filtered noise with shimmering pulse arpeggios usher us underwater as we’re led by a SID-like modulated pulse lead to contemplate the depths on our undersea journey. Gliding along serenly with melodies and countermelodies, the song fills us listeners with ease that life is blissful in the open waters, beckoning us to stay immersed and at peace.

19. ‘Fukuoka Nightmare Ultra Drift’ – Muzak Efron

Muzak Efron drifts into play and evokes the sound of Fukuoka with a heavily pentatonic melody in the chorus and some bright, wicked wave channel noise that showcases wonderful creative brilliance. The verse pefectly develops a call and response, followed by repeated snare hits accentuating the form of the song. The ending nicely introduces some additional strings, offering a gentle gesture to conclude.

20. ‘Fistbreaker’ – Techno Mage

Techno Mage brings some heavy guitar riffs to battle along with dark synths, sharp pulse leads, and staccato arps, building to a towering inferno of sound. The unstoppable sorcery drives the song to a literal high note and lands directly into a powerful, massive conclusion that obliterates everything in its path.

That concludes my review for this volume! Tune in next week as Aydan reviews tracks 21-30!

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