ChipWIN Sponsorship: Oliver’s Century Long Road to Redemption

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here with a different type of message to relay. Recently, a really awesome first for ChipWIN happened:

ChipWIN sponsored a good friend, a fan of the project & generally epic dude in Oliver Campbell & his bicycling journey/fight for adventure, health, & LIFE.

oliver campbell bio pic

Ladies & Gentlemen, Oliver Campbell.

What exactly does this mean? Two things in particular:

(1) Expect some very familiar music to appear soon as part of a specially made “bicycling mix”  to help promote the ride!

(2) Expect some very familiar art to appear on Oliver’s
bicycling jersey for the epic trip! (customized by the always awesome Pixel Pixie Apparel & Promotions, of course!).


Howeverif you’d like to see some additional, potentially even more familiar artwork appear on the jersey (i.e. YOURS) this can happen as well! Oliver’s gofundme campaign for the July 12th 130 mile bicycle ride has not yet made its goal. There’s approximately $300 to go before it hits the mark, which in turn makes it very convenient that we have 5 numbered spots worth $60 apiece on the jersey remaining (identified in the photo below).

numbered jersey mockup

Wanna chip in and help Oliver make this epic journey of awesomeness? Fill out the contact form at the very bottom of this article and we’ll get it happening! Note: artwork/text must be “PG”, & needs to be submitted no later than the end of July 1st  for us to get the jersey ready in time.

I realize this is a unique request, but it’s for a wholly unique individual; someone who has inspired me to better take care of myself and battle the rigors of chronic pain vs allow them to lay waste to my life (Oliver’s struggle to overcome his issues directly inspired me to make life changes that are currently GREATLY HELPING me conquer my serious lower back issues). Join us in doing awesome for this awesome individual. You won’t regret it.

Much \m||m/ to all,
Brandon L Hood aka “President Hoodie
Founder & Project Manager of Chiptunes = WIN

P.S. The “President Hoodie” alias is all Oliver’s fault. At minimum, you now at least know who to blame for that inside joke. ;3

EDIT: Contact form removed because…

Oliver’s GoFundMe 
| Pixel Pixie Apparel & Promotions | Chiptunes = WIN

C=W logo redux (larger - png)


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