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You know, I find it amusing that Philadelphia and Richmond, VA have done a secret back-alley exchange of musicians recently. an0va is down here now, working at my alma mater, and Chipocrite decided to head back to Philly. And while who knows what an0va gets up to with his Amiga and hoard of floppy disks, we have pretty quantifiable evidence of what Chipocrite is up to – in addition to working on a new album and playing events like TooManyGames, AnimeNEXT, and the occasional Hard Rock Cafe appearance, he’s also composed the soundtrack to the upcoming game ‘EarthNight,’ coming to PS4 and PSVita next year. In honor of the game’s announcement at E3, as well as as a teaser for his upcoming album, he dropped ‘3P’ the other day – a three track EP showcasing some differently arranged versions of some songs that will appear in said game and new album.


‘Truce’ is the track in the trailer for the game. It’s pretty standard Chipocrite – combination of rad guitar and tight chippy goodness. Listening to it evokes a pretty strong feeling of floating through space – which, from what I’ve gathered, is basically what you do in the game aside from pulling a Goku) and running along the backs of dragons and punching things. It just goes to show ol’ Paul knows how to use a Gameboy and a guitar to make you feel what he wants you to.

‘Little Computer People’ is a fun little high energy track that Paul has been playing live but has never actually featured on an actual release. I’m super jazzed about this being on here – I think he’s played this every time I’ve seen him live, but couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t find it online, and apparently I lack the common sense to ask. But failures of common sense no longer prevail! It’s light, it’s fun, it’s got some pretty well crafted drums (something you may recall I like to praise people for when they do it well).  All in all, this track is definitely something you’ll want to slap on your workout mix to get you pumped!

‘Astronaut High School’ is an all-new track written just for the game, complete with INTENSE SOLO FUN TIME. It’s a song that tricks the listener – if you just focus on the melody, you start thinking “Wow, there’s not really a whole lot going on here.” If you take a second though, you’ll realize that the subtle drums and arpeggios in the background are filling in the gaps and that there’s a really solid song going on here. It definitely strikes me more as a soundtrack piece and less of an album piece. There are just certain songs you know are meant to be background music in a level as opposed to be taken on their own, and this is one of them. It definitely has lots of good energy to it, and rides the line between high energy and extremely chill.

As a side note, Dino Lionetti and Chris Burke helped produce this album, because of course they did, right? If you were Paul and you just happened to have two extremely talented friends willing to help you fiddle with your EP, you’d ask them to help too, wouldn’t you? So give it a listen. It’s got me pumped to hear everything else Chipocrite has got going on this year and into next year, and hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer!

That’s all for now, folks – SEATS OUT.

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